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a Hindu religious mendicant

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Gandhi argued that the metaphysics of world renunciation in the practice of classical sannyasa is an escape into self-centeredness; renunciation is futile unless it manifests itself in selfless service and social reform: "In this age, only political sannyasis can fulfil and adorn the ideal of sannyasa, others will more than likely disgrace the sannyasi's saffron garb .
Last night the Lord Shiva appeared to me in a dream," said the villager, "and told me that if I went to the outskirts of the village at dusk, I should find a sannyasi who would give me a precious stone that would make me rich forever.
Griffiths, this Hindu sannyasi (ascetic), a Catholic priest, elegant in his writing, in person charming, in death could too easily be diminished into icon-only status.
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But her singularity also makes for her social fragility which results, first of all, from her lack of social standing: as I suggested previously, the devadasi is a-casted, a problematic condition since Hinduism tends to consider unclear status as lesser status, assimilated into untouchability (the exception being the sannyasi, the Hindu ascet who renounced social status).
The hagiographical literature on the Swami's life and teachings has produced a colossal mythology of a super sannyasi.
it is possible to dream of a kind of ecumenical diksa, a monastic profession to which both a Hindu sannyasi and a Christian monk would be witnesses.
This, serendipitously allowed him to perfect the Sanskrit he had started before the war and be initiated as an orthodox Hindu sannyasi, ochre robe and all.
Dressed in the saffron robes of the sannyasi, he pioneered Christian monasticism in India, building on the foundations laid down by de Nobili, Monchanin and Le Saux.
Some of these disturbances took the form of religious crusades, such as the Sannyasi Rebellion of the early 1770s and the Muslim-revival Faraizi and Wahabi movements; but even here economic and other factors had much to do with the start and continuation of hostilities.
For his disciples who are capable of it, he recommends renunciation--the life of the sannyasi.
xii) on the identity of the sannyasi whom members of the princely family of Bhawal and throngs of tenants of what was the second largest zamindari in East Bengal recognized in 1921 as their returned mejo kumar "second prince," who had been declared dead and cremated in Darjeeling in 1909.