sanitary condition

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the state of sanitation (clean or dirty)

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The Connecticut legislature was told, for example, that crime decreased when sanitary conditions were provided.
Earlier, the governor also visited various areas of the city to review traffic and sanitary condition and gave instructions to officials concerned for improvement.
Wakili noted, With dismay, the poor sanitary condition at the library complex and entire compound of the state polytechnic and urged the management of the institution to immediately clean up the compound.
LAHORE -- Punjab Health Minister Khalil Tahir Sindhu paid a surprise visit to Services Hospital on Monday evening and expressing dissatisfaction over poor sanitary condition warned the staff .
He said that maintenance of sanitary condition and draining out of rain water from houses and surroundings was the best way to control dengue.
to 14 junkyard owners, 1 nursery owner and 1 shopkeeper to maintain sanitary condition upto the marks.
The charges include altering a structure without city permits; failing to comply with a Department of Building and Safety order; failing to maintain a property in a safe and sanitary condition and failing to have a legally required certificate of occupancy.
He told that the enforcement inspectors Siddique Rana, Mazhar Fareed, Muhammad Afzal and Moaz Maroof alongwith their teams visited 22 junk yards, 8 tyre shops, 5 union council buildings and 3 nurseries here on Saturday and issued directions to 9 junk yards owners and 6 shopkeepers to maintain sanitary condition up to the marks to avert the dengue epidemic.
Contract award: keeping in good sanitary condition of containers for municipal waste set by the property owners in the municipality city elblag:
He ordered for effective measures to tackle the situation to mitigate sufferings of people and also to improve sanitary condition.
Maintaining proper sanitary condition Order of municipal properties managed by the Municipal Board of Real Estate in Swidnica in the years 2014-2017.
According to a press release issued here on Tuesday, they expressed their serious concern over highly defective sanitary condition of fruit and vegetable markets, roads, streets and hospital premises.
HYDERABAD -- The residents of the different areas of Hyderabad protested against the poor sanitary condition in their city.
City officials said the animals were impounded by the Department of Animal Regulation and the kennel owner was found guilty of two health code violations, including failing to keep the kennel in sanitary condition.
The DCO also directed the solid waste department to ensure the sanitary condition at GBS upto the mark by removing all kinds of waste material and garbage.