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Synonyms for sangria

sweetened red wine and orange or lemon juice with soda water

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Spiced Cranberry Sangria Prep time: 10 minutes Servings: 6
And there are three fabulous flavours to choose from: Strawberry Sangria Vodka crushed strawberry, red wine, lemon juice, cranberry juice and lemonade.
The white sangria was an eye-opener and I'll definitely make it again.
With the garden fork cast to one side, I Googled for inspiration and discovered as many recipe variations on the sangria theme as there are Police Academy movies.
COCKTAIL Sipping sangria EL OF A HOL Katie strolls in Ibiza yesterday
Coral bet: 7-2 Ballymac Pete 5 Roswell Starship 8 Astute Gift, Chakalak Paris, Swiss Rock 10 Rio Paolo 12 Ballyneale Light, Chakalak Romeo 16 Droopys Giu-liano, Vipar Totti, Wilcox Casino 20 Blonde Buddy, Blonde Buster, Blonde Jack 25 Ninas Capone, Rio Divo, Toosey Blue 33 Borna Fella 40 Dainty Prince, Millies Our Star, Sangria 50 Blonde Becks, Cleo, Giveitsomewellie, Jagos Hero, Kilsheelan, Night Shade, Sur-preme Rooster 66 Good Luck Charm, Mollysox, Slieverua Sparky, Solaire 80 Droopys Sweet, Grenrose Red 100 Ard-mayle Spice, Treanaree Storm.
WE ALL know the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink too much, but on holiday it is all too easy to have a sangria too many in the sun.
Buenos Aires has opened in the East Village at 513 East Sixth Street with wonderful sangria and Argentinean fare.
Dishes to prepare include Greek-style Bean Salad, Savory Ham with Dijon Cream, Black Forest Tarts, Mock Sangria, and much more.
A report by the Foreign Office claims they are the least sophisticated in the country because when overseas they prefer sex, clubs and sangria to cathedrals and castles.
Eight hundred Frenchmen can't be wrong," Lesvia Castro exclaims with a hearty laugh as she applies this saying to the many friends and relatives who enjoy her homemade sangria.
The capital of the Costa del Sol - more associated with sun, sand, sex and sangria than n Perrott Phillips flew to Malaga with charter flight operator AVRO (0870-458-2847 or www.
Some of her other titles include Shades of Jade (Gloria Mallette), Married But Still Looking (Travis Hunter), Neva Hafta (Edwardo Jackson), Chocolate Sangria (Tracy Price-Thompson), and The Dying Ground (Nichelle Tramble).
The flavor additions include Red Sangria, which the company says is a lighter version of classic sangria, livened with citrus and berry flavors; and White Sangria, which blends white wine with tropical fruit flavors.