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a sedimentary rock consisting of sand consolidated with some cement (clay or quartz etc

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It is composed of indurated clay, with alternate layers of red and white sandstone, and may be seen at the distance of upward of thirty miles.
On the 21st, they encamped amidst high and beetling cliffs of indurated clay and sandstone, bearing the semblance of towers, castles, churches, and fortified cities.
It is built on the face of a cliff which fronts the river, and many of the houses are excavated even in the sandstone.
The valley of the Rio Negro, broad as it is, has merely been excavated out of the sandstone plain; for immediately above the bank on which the town stands, a level country commences, which is interrupted only by a few trifling valleys and depressions.
On September twelfth the party scaled a line of sandstone cliffs which crossed their route toward the south; but they crossed them only after an encounter with the tribe that inhabited the numerous caves which pitted the face of the escarpment.
In the primary exploration target, well 24/9-12 S encountered an oil column of about 10 metres in a 40-metre thick sandstone layer, which is interpreted as being injectites in the Hordaland group with very to extremely good reservoir properties.
The sandstone within this succession is dominated by sedimentary and metamorphic clasts and has been derived from recycled orogeny.
The results indicate that with respect to abrasion the Murree Formation can be divided into two categories, in the first category sandstone and siltstone can be included where as in second category mudstone and compact shale are placed.
International Resource News-October 15, 2015--Blymyer Engineers chosen for 45 MW AC Sandstone solar project in Florence
Peter Sandstone and the Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Jordan Formation, with the Upper Cambrian Wonewoc and Mount Simon Formations gaining in importance.
The official map for Northumberland's most exciting new mountain bike trail - The Sandstone Way, is now available.
In the northeastern and eastern part of the USCB, the water content in the Carboniferous formations is associated with the occurrence of sandstones of the Cracow Sandstone Series and Upper Silesian Sandstone Series.
The Sandstone Way mountain bike trail between Berwick and Hexham passes through communities including Wooler, Belford, Rothbury, Elsdon and Bellingham, then hugs the coastline before taking in the Simonside sandstone ridge and other features of Northumberland National Park.
com)-- Regatta Universal Exports, the renowned exporter of natural stones from India, announced a special offer for UK customers on sandstone paving.
Gravity, not glue, allows towering sandstone pillars and arches to withstand howling wind and pouring rain, researchers propose July 20 in Nature Geoscience.