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a plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in

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8 subsumes the main result of that paper (which was proved in a different way using the abelian sandpile model).
Experimental study of critical-mass fluctuations in an evolving sandpile," in Physical Review Letters, 65, 1120-1123, August 27, 1990.
The dynamics of the sandpile thus transit from being purely local to being global in nature as more and more grains of sand are added to the sandpile (Tesfatsion 2007).
Similarly, the Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld model of sandpile avalanches, shows there is no way of knowing whether the next event would be big or small," said Henrik Jensen of Imperial College London, an expert on complex systems.
Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate-school mountain, but there in the sandpile at Sunday School," he writes.
We were as happy as pigs in a mud puddle as we ran to the sandpile with our new green fleet.
Even innocent conversations about him-what he likes to eat (bluegrass, oats, and sweet feed), where he sleeps (in a hilltop barn, near his winter paddock), what he does for fun (lies down in a big sandpile and rolls around)-tend to veer into elaborately imagined premonitions of his death and the
They have concentrated on helping the community protect private property, an effort that has included equipping citizens with sandbags and establishing a large sandpile at City Hall; prequalifying contractors and entering into agreements to help the city if disaster strikes; erecting roadside markers to indicate water levels; and installing locking gates at locations where street barricades are routinely ignored.
you're not creating a bigger sandpile for a nonsurfer colleague to
The show's most radical element may be Robert Brill's set: downstage, an ant farm decorated with miniature monuments; upstage, a window looking onto the same monuments, and a sinister little sandpile leaking though a crack in the walls.
When we get home, Mama says, "Why don't you get a pail of sand from the sandpile, and I'll get the round glass bowl from the cellar.
Wells in the kitchen, and, outside in the backyard not a tire swing, not even a sandpile, no, but your basic summertime fun self-perception experiment by the birdbath.
7) "Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate-school mountain," he says, "but there is the sandpile at Sunday school.
It's also a great perch from which to pontificate, so I used it for my first annual State of the Sandpile address.
Schor have studied a solitary game called the chip-firing game which is closely related to the sandpile model of Dhar [6], arising in physics.