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an elf in fairy stories who sprinkles sand in children's eyes to make them sleepy

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The Sandman Clock is available now for pre-order priced at $29.
This year also featured the Sandman Savage where entrants took part in both days' races.
Sandman suggests another approach with workers is to increase their sense of outrage about the risk of workplace injuries.
We believe that the human fetus is an active participant in its own development and is collecting information for life after birth," Sandman says.
We have no whips in Norway but Giant Sandman is a proper racehorse and he doesn't need any encouragement.
Sandman Hotel Group is currently looking for other sites in the UK.
Said Andrea: "The bed is supremely well made and gloriously comfortable while the audio-visual dimension virtually transforms the Sandman into an intimate and relaxing home cinema.
Robi Sandman, entitled "How Arabs Are Preparing for the Next War," asked 24 Israeli generals to grade the performances of Hizbullah and the Israeli army in the July war.
Bolan Medical Complex hospital and Sandman Provincial hospitals would be equipped with CT and MRI scanners at a cost of Rs.
A company known for their lively retellings of Baron Munchausen, Jason And The Argonauts and the Three Musketeers, their latest draws on old European myths surrounding, you guessed it, the Sandman.
Teresa Sandman, Vice President of Property Management for Babcock and Brown Residential, saw devastation first hand and the difference renters' insurance can make in residents' lives.
The model was further refined and Weinstein and Sandman (1992) suggested seven distinct stages in PAPM ranging from complete ignorance to regular performance of the behavior.
Phase One 2007 Drilling Program at Sandman Project Ongoing
Escaped criminal the Sandman (Church) and the angry Goblin (Franco) provoke more fights, but worse is to come when his spider suit begins to turn black, enhancing his powers but changing his personality.
In ``Spider-Man 3,'' Church plays Flint Marko, aka The Sandman, one of two new villains in the movie.