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a texture resembling that of sand

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71) The notes were compiled with a compression and haste suggested by both their raggedness and their sandiness.
The trial evaluated ocular signs, including corneal and conjunctival staining, tear film breakup time and blink rate, and ocular symptoms, including burning or stinging, itchiness or scratchiness, grittiness or sandiness, foreign body sensation, haziness and blurriness.
Moreover, drinks containing isoflavones often exhibit undesirable sedimentation and sandiness that result from the particle characteristics of commercial isoflavone complexes.
For subtle modifications, use cornstarch to enhance sandiness, masa flour to add earthiness, brown sugar for butterscotch-toffee overtones, ginger for pungency, or sesame seed for crunch.
With its helpful system of cross-referencing, the book offers essential details on what must be done to create high-quality, successful products - with pointers on how to avoid dozens of specific defects that can occur during manufacturing, such as icy texture and sandiness.