sandfly fever

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a mild viral disease transmitted by the bite of the sand fly Phlebotomus papatasii

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Antibodies against sandfly fever viruses (genus Phlebovirus) were detected in serum by using a commercial sandfly fever assay (IIFT Mosaic 1 IgG immunofluorescence assay; Euroimmun).
It was determined that the method detection limit (MDL) for the pathogen kits using 5 adult female arthropods as the matrix for Plasmodium ssp, dengue fever virus, chikungunya virus, Leishmania ssp, and sandfly fever Sicilian virus were 97; 2,500; 25,000; 19,000; and 1,300 copies, respectively.
I: Isolation and characterization of a sandfly fever Naples-like virus.
Punique virus, a novel phlebovirus, related to sandfly fever Naples virus, isolated from sandflies collected in Tunisia.
Forty-one days after symptom onset, a second serum sample was taken from the patient and tested in parallel with the first serum sample by indirect immunofluorescence to detect IgM and IgG antibodies against 4 phleboviruses: TOSV, SFNV, sandfly fever Sicilian virus (SFSV), and Cyprus virus (Sandfly Fever Virus Mosaic 1; Euroimmun, Lubeck, Germany).
PuntaToro virus is closely related to the African and Middle Eastern Rift Valley fever and sandfly fever viruses which have had devastating effects in those countries and are now considered significant to the United States because of biodefense concerns.
A seroprevalence study suggested that TOSV is present in Tunisia and may cause neuroinvasive infections, but definitive evidence of TOSV circulation has not been possible because it is difficult to distinguish from the antigenically related phlebovirus Punique virus (3,4); both viruses are members of the species Sandfly fever Naples virus.
The genus Phlebovirus consists at least 60 antigenically distinct serotypes, including the sandfly fever viruses transmitted to humans by phlebotomine sandflies.
sandfly fever Naples virus and sandfly fever Sicilian virus) was detected.
To the Editor: Toscana virus (TOSV) is a serotype of Sandfly fever Naples virus (SFNV) within the family Bunyaviridae and the genus Phlebovirus.
Leishmaniasis, sandfly fever and phlebotomine sandflies in Greece: an annotated bibliography.
Pairwise comparison demonstrated the following: 1) all TOSV S segments were highly conserved; 2) the L segment demonstrated less conservation than the N gene at the nucleotide or deduced amino acid levels; 3) TOSV M segments were the most divergent; and 4) variation in M segments was higher than that among RVFV strains but less pronounced than that within the group of sandfly fever Sicilian viruses or sandfly fever Naples viruses (Table).
Sandfly fever due to Toscana virus: an emerging infection in southern France.
To determine whether sandfly fever Sicilian virus (SFSV) is present in Algeria, we tested sandflies for phlebovirus RNA.