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any of various small dipterous flies

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Coxiella burnetii, sandfly fever virus, hantavirus, and CCHF virus (CCHFV).
It was determined that the method detection limit (MDL) for the pathogen kits using 5 adult female arthropods as the matrix for Plasmodium ssp, dengue fever virus, chikungunya virus, Leishmania ssp, and sandfly fever Sicilian virus were 97; 2,500; 25,000; 19,000; and 1,300 copies, respectively.
In this case, we reported a patient with sandfly fever, initially misdiagnosed as CCHF because of the clinical and laboratory findings mentioned above.
Kala-azar, which particularly affects women and children in remote areas, is a parasitic disease transmitted by a sandfly.
Leishmanisis (Cutaneous) is a parasitic disease transmitted through the bite of certain species of sandfly.
Detection of Chandipura viral RNA in one sandfly pool from an affected village suggests the role of sandflies as the vectors.
The disease is contracted by the bite of a sandfly carrying the kala azar parasite, which multiplies inside the body, attacking the immune system.
They were also much more likely to come down with leishmaniasis, a disease caused by a parasite transmitted by a tiny sandfly that can lead to severe scarring, and the parasitic worm disease schistosomiasis.
Chapters are devoted to the following topics: non-mosquito arbovirus vector, medically important mosquitoes, control of arbovirus vector, dengue infection, yellow fever, West Nile virus infection, rift valley fever, Japanese encephalitis, sandfly fever, minor arbovirus hemorrhagic fever, minor arbovirus meningoencephalitis, minor arbovirus arthritis, and application of arbovirus in gene medicine.
Of course the cheapest approach would be the eradication of the sandfly, which will prevent the dissemination of VL.
Old World leishmaniasis infection is caused by parasites carried by the desert sandfly and can be found mainly in the Middle East, Mediterranean Sea coastal areas, Africa, and Asia.
She had nursed Tom when he had sandfly fever in India.
There's hardly space left to consider the tse-tse fly bite that leads to sleeping sickness, the devastating impact of the humble tick, the new US curse of the red fire ant, komodo dragons, the sandfly that causes the hideously transforming sponge face, rabies and the cats, horses, donkeys, camels, seals, ostriches and monkeys which can all leave their mark.
A TOURIST was killed by a bite from a sandfly on a holiday in Tenerife.
Infected blood from the Sandfly bite stopped his liver functioning and led to organ failure, Liverpool Coroners heard yesterday.