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any of various small dipterous flies

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At one stage, medics diagnosed him with kidney stones, but that was masking the real problem caused by the sandfly.
Almost simultaneously, results of human blood samples drawn from Patient C and Patient D returned from the CDC Arboviral Diseases Branch with a positive plaque reduction neutralization test indicating prior infection with a sandfly fever virus, most likely Sicilian serocomplex.
Repellent effects of the essential oils of Cymbopogon citratus and Tagetes minuta on the sandfly, Phlebotomus duboscqi.
Although first data on sandfly fever were acquired from the Balkan region, few studies were published specifically about the situation in Kosovo (4): in 1976, a total of 9.
Sandfly fever is a self-limiting infectious disease which occurs only in humans as a result of sandfly (phlebotomus spp.
Structure and function of the spermathecal complex in the phlebotomine sandfly Phlebotomus papatasi scopoli (Diptare: Psychodidae): I.
However, the effect of phostoxin on the sandfly, outdoor density had no dramatical effect on incidence reduction rate of the diseases compared to area treated with zinc phosphide.
No one in the 21st century should die from the bite of a mosquito, a sandfly, a blackfly or a tick.
The new Sandfly and Damselfly (his and hers) lines include a lightweight, mesh jacket and pants designed to pack small and protect big.
Visceral leishmaniasis (VL), also known as kala- azar, is a protozoal parasitic disease caused by Leishmania donovani complex, and transmitted to man by the bite of infected female sandfly Phlebotomus spp.
I contracted it when a sandfly bit me and it took eight weeks to appear.
A new species of phlebotomihe sandfly (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Guatemala.
Primary skin lesions occur at the site of the sandfly bite, usually on the face or hands as a small erythematous papule that slowly grows over a period of several weeks (4).
These desert boils are caused by the bite of a desert sandfly.