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a power tool used for sanding wood

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Make sure the trigger is off before plugging the sander in.
Now with almost 400 sanders operating in the United States, Canada and Mexico, 0pti-Sand adds to its lineup with the introduction of the new WB12 Wire Brushing machine.
That trend, plus features suggesting that the bones were remodeling themselves, indicates that the animal was fully grown, Sander contends.
The son of a Hofstra University theater department head, Sander moved to New York in 1988 and studied fashion design.
We need to understand the needs of residents and their priorities before proceeding (with the project)," Sander says.
Had applications not declined, Sander found, Latino admissions would have been "virtually unchanged" under the class- rather than race-based affirmative action system.
Sander attempts to link the Master of the Tiburtine Sibyl of Haarlem with the workshop of Dirk Bouts in Louvain.
I'm especially distressed that the DCCC tried to do negative attacks against a very respectable and intelligent candidate who is running a serious campaign," Sanders said.
Right now I am working to bring fundamental reform to the Democratic Party, to open the doors of the Democratic Party to working people, to lower-income people, to young people who have not felt welcome in the embrace of the Democratic Party, " Sanders said in an interview with NBC News' (http://www.
Now that Sanders has nearly tied Clinton in Iowa and won New Hampshire, there's a real possibility that he may emerge as the Democratic nominee.
Sanders made the trip, but he had to take time away from an event for head and neck cancer research that he and his wife, Lisa, were organizing for Dana Farber.
June 16 Inches in it, with a head separating Spencer from Sanders as Birkside beats Wicked Ouze at Lingfield.
The pioneering Sanders Associates ushered in the still-thriving information age, providing thousands of jobs and countless military advances.
Sanders said only one new venue would have to be built -- a shooting range at Fairplex Park that could be turned over to law enforcement after the games.
Maynard Sanders received the Defense Superior Service Medal April 7 for his exceptional service, accomplishments and leadership during his tour of active duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.