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Synonyms for sand

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a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral

French writer known for works concerning women's rights and independence (1804-1876)

fortitude and determination

rub with sandpaper

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The Sandcastle Club's popular spring camp enables our younger guests to learn new skills, make friends, and share experiences they will cherish for a lifetime," said Marwan Fadel, General Manager at the luxury resort.
THE SANDCASTLE RESORT ON LIDO is a place you either love or you hate.
Using almost 4,000 metric tons of sand, 19 sculptors built a 55ft tower featuring a number of famous landmarks to claim the world record for tallest sandcastle.
We always like to spend our bank holiday weekends in the traditional way - sitting on motorways, eating ice cream in the rain, trying to make sandcastles with the wrong sort of sand, and freezing our butts off in the North Sea.
The entire Sandcastle team is humbled to once again receive the Gold award
Some castles were eliminated because the turrets were not on top of the sandcastle, others because the castles were not tall or square enough.
According to the rules, a perfect sandcastle is 100 buckets of sand to every bucket of water.
There will be arts and crafts, kayaking, games and sandcastles galore from 11am.
The researchers carried out a number of experiments on how to construct the perfect sandcastle, before finally coming to the conclusion that hands are the best tools.
But it's also an art, and in Lebanon, for the fourth consecutive summer, sandcastle building is a competitive sport -- albeit an amateur one.
JULY 8: Grab a bucket and spade for the 17th National Sandcastle Competition at Woolacombe in Devon.
A GIANT sandcastle built to mark the 100-day countdown to the Olympics was flattened hours after it was completed because of safety fears.
Sandcastle, directed by Boo Junfeng, will see its world premiere at the 49th International Critics' Week (ICW), which runs from 13-21 May.
This sandcastle worm lives in the laboratory where scientists can study it.
And you thought all you needed to make a sandcastle were plastic pails and a flimsy shovel.