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a submerged bank of sand near a shore or in a river

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By the time the lifeboat was leaving the scene with the couple on board, the sandbank they'd been on had completely vanished under water.
Senior Hovercraft Commander Graham Lowe said: "We found three teenagers on a sandbank but cut off from the shore.
The rescues have prompted warnings about the danger of tidal movements and shifting sandbanks.
The 51,000-tonne ship, which has a cargo of 1,400 cars and 105 pieces of construction equipment, floated free from the sandbank on the high tide on Wednesday and has since been anchored at a spot two miles east called Alpha Anchorage near Lee-on-the-Solent.
The vessel began to list as it left the port, forcing the captain and pilot to take the emergency action of beaching it on the sandbank to prevent it turning over into the sea.
A police spokeswoman said: "The driver failed to stop and continued heading south on Sandbank Street, where he turned left on to Maryhill Road.
Even hens, however, can turn out to be more talkative than expected, as Lisa Sandbank of Santa Monica, Calif.
Forced to flee, Vemier decides to accept a job as the guardian of a desolate sandbank that is located far away from Montevideo.
LIFEBOAT crews rescued a party of five, trapped on a sandbanK.
An 80-meter ship is currently stuck on a sandbank in a Burgas bay in the Black Sea after strong winds and waves broke its anchor Monday morning.
The party, including dozens of children, plunged into the water at Tenby, west Wales, after a raised sandbank they were on collapsed.
A lifeguard from Birmingham has been hailed a hero after helping to rescue 36 children and four adults who plunged into the sea when a sandbank collapsed at Tenby in Pembrokeshire.
THE Caerphilly-based leader of a 36-strong youth group which had to be rescued from a collapsed sandbank has defended the team-building "paddling" exercises.
Jon Johnson, aged 21 and from Selly Oak, was one of a three-man team who pulled the party to safety when a sandbank collapsed on the coast near Tenby, west Wales.
THREE lifeguards saved 36 children and four adults yesterday when the sandbank they were on collapsed into the sea.