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close-grained fragrant yellowish heartwood of the true sandalwood

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Sources said Nitish Kumar -- who had kicked up a political storm by purportedly likening himself to a sandalwood tree and his associates to the snakes to assert that he was insulated from external influences -- drove to Lalu Prasad's 10 Circular Road residence around 10 pm without any security cover and closeted with Lalu Prasad for one and a half hours.
Four days later, he called me again and asked for help to smuggle two containers of sandalwood into Dubai.
Sandalwood and Carrion: Smell in Indian Religion and Culture.
A BUSINESSMAN has gone on trial for allegedly offering a Dubai Customs inspector a Dhs28,000 bribe to unlock two seized cargos of sandalwood, which is prohibited in UAE.
Washington, July 9 ( ANI ): Researchers claim that the human skin is responsive towards the scent of Sandalwood, which helps it heal.
The Kannada film industry which is commonly known as Sandalwood has been growing and improving with each movie.
But the best gift comes after everyone leaves, having been thanked for their thoughtfulness, and the new family cuddles quietly together while the baby feeds at her mother's breast, surrounded by swirls of fragrant sandalwood scent and love.
Calming incense, patchouli, sandalwood and oakmoss create serenity in the base.
Second only to the export of indigo from India was the trade in what has been variously called dyewood, red sandalwood, or red sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus).
Designed to offer utmost indulgence and originality, the new fragrance comprises a composition of sandalwood and balsa, supported with a garland of Bergamot flowers that combine with Berries Fruits extract.
Tiare flower and violet leaf are balanced by coriander for a heart that evokes the spirit of island life, while a warm background of sensual amber, Tonka bean and Australian sandalwood linger.
Evaluation of in-vivo anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidant potentials of [alpha]-santalol and sandalwood oil.
Sandalwood finds numerous mentions across diverse traditional medicinal systems in use worldwide.
Summary: The Union of Zghorta Municipalities and the Agriculture Ministry began Monday fighting an outbreak of the sandalwood worm that is targeting pine trees in north Lebanon.