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Genetic variation and its relation to population size in reintroduced populations of pink sand verbena, Abronia umbelleta subsp.
The province halted development of a Medicine Hat subdivision after small-flowered sand verbenas were found on the proposed site.
The wildflowers expected to flourish this year, according to Von Halle, are lupine, purple matt, sand verbena, chia, dune primrose, desert dandelion, woolly daisy and desert mallow.
In the more stabilized dune sections, the tawny sands flare with color, thanks to the blossoms of desert gold, pink desert sand verbena, and purple phacelia.
Plants like dune primrose, sand verbena, brown-eyed primrose and pepper grass are popping up across the Valley at a time when the wildflower expert didn't expect them for another few weeks.
Rare plants and animals have found a haven in this remarkably diverse terrain, where three separate species of sand verbena can grow in distinct microclimates within yards of each other.
You'll also find blue-eyed grass, monkey flowers, Indian paintbrush, bush poppies, milkmaids, California poppies, sea dahlias, black sage, phacelia, sand verbena, beach suncups, deerweed, bush sunflowers, wild cucumbers and more.
The dunes system--brightened this time of year by beach evening primrose and sand verbena is impressive in its expanse.
Along the ridges, wildflowers bloom; this month, look for yellow sand verbena, beach poppy, dune primrose, and the rare Menzies' wallflower.
On inland dunes, open swaths of sand provide habitat for sunloving annual plants and low-growing desert wildflowers such as white evening primrose, pink sand verbena, and violet locoweed.
A dab of purple here - as seen in the brilliant sand verbenas.