sand shark

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shallow-water shark with sharp jagged teeth found on both sides of Atlantic

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A sand shark, also known as sand tiger shark, is the only species of shark known to come to the water surface to gulp air, according to National Geographic.
Since 2002, USCB has tripled its academic degree programs, doubled its FTE enrollment, opened its first on-campus housing (now serving more than 600), joined the NAIA Sun Conference, and fielded conference and national award-winning Sand Shark athletes in nine sports.
A flesh wound,'' he muttered, picking two razor-sharp teeth from his blood stained leg, before declaring ``a sand shark is nowhere near as extreme an animal as the arctic wolf'', then proceeding to snowboard away from a pack of hunting animals.
Presence of the sharp tooth sand shark, Odontaspis ferox (Odontaspididae), in the open waters of the Indian Ocean.
I'll name a couple the bullshark, tiger shark, Great white, sand shark, and the hammerhead.
com to represent his Sand Shark invention to industry over the next 2 years.
The bait was a whole Sand Shark and the 308lb fish took him an hour and 35 minutes to land.
They really put us off, with a long, live sand shark darting back and forth desperately in a short aquarium.
First, the guy on one side tangled my line when he hooked a sand shark.
Some experts I've spoken to reckon I'd been bitten by a six-foot sand shark or a Black Tip who probably mistook me for food because I had a white tan line on my leg which may have glistened under the water and looked like a fish.
THE temperature varied between 26 and 37 degrees during the 34th World Shore Angling Championships held at Langebaan on the Western Cape in South Africa where sand sharks, sting rays, eagle rays, blue rays, gurnard and catfish were among the target fish for the 20 nations taking part.
Sarah will play for the Sand Sharks soccer team at the university, which is based on the coast in South Carolina.
The teenager will be joining University of South Carolina Beaufort next month to study and play for the Sand Sharks team.
I saw then that regret offers a rare opportunity to be a better human being, a humbled cousin to the skimmers soaring just above the swells, the sand sharks below, the prehistoric sand fleas burrowing deeper with each crashing wave.
Soon, I was swimming amid at least a dozen ragged-tooths, white-tips and giant sand sharks.