sand rat

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small nearly naked African mole rat of desert areas

southern European gerbil

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Autogen has access to one of only two active colonies of the Israeli sand rat in the world.
One stop resource for advancements in the humane and responsible care of: rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, chinchilla, deer mouse, kangaroo rat, cotton rat, sand rat, and degu
Host animals A B C Daurian ground squirrel 1 4962 4963 Siberian chipmunk 1 4965 4966 1 4964 4965 Tricolored squirrel 2 4977 1 4977 American red squirrel 1 4971 Southern flying squirrel 1 4972 4973 Columbian ground squirrel 1 4957 4958 Richardson's ground squirrel 2 4959 4960 1 4954 4959 1 4954 4955 Fat-tailed gerbil 3 Golden spiny mouse 1 Fat sand rat 1 Bushy-tailed jird 1 1 1 Large Egyptian gerbil 1 Greater Egyptian jerboa 1 4975 4976 1 Lesser Egyptian jerboa 1 GenBank accession nos.
Which animal is known as the sand rat or desert kangaroo?
The agreements combine the molecular and gene technology skills of Autogen's research team, headed by Professor Greg Collier at Deakin University, with their unique animal model for metabolic diseases based on the Israel Sand Rat and the world leadership of Lipha in anti-diabetic treatment.
Quantitative histologic studies of the gonads of sand rats (Psammomys obesus) during the development of diabetes mellitus.