sand fly

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any of various small dipterous flies

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Ameenullah of Mirdad Khel, whose daughter Marwa, 9, was recently bitten by sand fly, said that in the market, price of Leishmania injection was beyond his capability as he was a daily-wage labourer.
Indoor Protection Against Mosquito and Sand Fly Bites: A Comparison Between Citronella, Linalool, and Geraniol Candles.
In addition, 8 interactive computerized identification keys (LUCID software (16)) of selected African and Asian sand fly species (potential or known vectors), based on specimens from different depositories are presently posted on the Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit (WRBU) website (wrbu.
People only become infected, therefore, in geographical regions that are well-suited to support sand fly populations-those with suitable habitats, humidity and temperature.
Adult diet as a factor affecting biology of the sand fly Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae).
With air suspension raised to boost ground clearance and plenty of urge to keep up momentum the Range Rover dusts across the dunes like a sand fly.
There are no vaccines or medications to prevent leishmaniasis, nor any way of telling whether a soldier has it until 3 or 4 months after being bitten by a sand fly infected with Leishmania parasites, Burkett says.
Objective: The current study was carried out in Kashan, central Iran, to find and interpret the factors which influence the mosquito and sand fly biting on human body.
The sand fly genus Phlebotomus (Old World) and Lutzomyia (New World) are largely responsible for transmission.
The flagellated promastigotes are elongated, motile and are found in the alimentary tract of the sand fly vectors, while ovoid and non motile amastigotes reside and multiply within the phagocytosomes of host macrophages.
Spencer, 23, now knows that it was a bite from a sand fly along a riverbank in Peru in early January that led to his contracting leishmaniasis braziliensis, an infection caused by parasites living under the skin and spreading to the rest of the body.
Clouds of sand fly off their bodies as they jerk and twist, and the quiet tick of a metronome grows steadily into a pounding roar of drums.
Another subject concerning human adversaries is the desert sand fly.