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small amphipod crustaceans that hop like fleas

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The 2 most common names attributed to the sand flea in Peru and other countries of South America--nigua and pique--come from the Arawak and Quechua languages, respectively.
Although both males and females are blood-feeding, it is the female sand fleas that penetrate into the skin of its host, where it can grow up to lcm as its fertilized eggs mature (3).
Sand fleas and coquinas at her feet, uncovered by each plash, dig or scurry back into the wet.
Selecting the right memento of your service will lead to years of pleasant memories, something to be remembered long after the sand flea bites heal.
And it's a look that you can easily create as long as you're prepared to trawl through those antique shop sand flea markets to make the look complete.
When a sand flea or gnat passes by, the camouflaged beetle lunges and grabs its target like a tiger, clenching it between powerfull sickle-like mandibles and devouring it on the spot.
Tungiasis is caused by infestation with the sand flea (Tunga penetrans).
I've hooked a surprising amount of snook while throwing a small size 2 or 4 sand flea imitation in the winter surf while pompano fishing.
Neither John nor I have ever cleaned a surf red that had more than a smidgen of crab or sand flea in its stomach.
Prime forage for pompano is the sand flea, but they are also suckers for small jigs.
If I only have one rod, I would fish a pompano jig tipped with a sand flea.
Bouncing a sand flea or a shrimp/ jig combo along the bottom in these areas works well for pompano and will also produce a mix of trout, mangrove snapper and flounder.
He uses a "sputnik" style sinker (usually 4 ounces) and baits his 2/0 circle hook with fresh clam on one hook, and a live sand flea on the other.
Tiny juveniles, which show up, like pompano, in sand flea traps, have been reported from as far away as New Jersey.
com, ties an incredibly realistic sand flea fly for pompano.