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very small silvery eellike schooling fishes that burrow into sandy beaches

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Fishing for sand eels is to become a thing of the past off the Northumberland coast.
Holland et ah (2005) determined that late-juvenile sand eel in the North Sea select subtidal burial habitats consisting of medium and coarse sands, or those with moderate levels of fine gravel, and avoid habitats characterized by coarse gravel, silt, and fine sand or sites with high or low levels of fine gravel.
Erik Bonde Pedersen, Chairman of the Board of TripleNine, told Feedinfo News Service: "While it is good that the sand eel quota was increased, fishing was nonetheless delayed by two weeks and that affects the bottom line.
Competition judge John Woodman, chairman of the AONB Partnership, said: "I've always thought the sand eel is the secret ingredient powering the bird and seal life of the Farnes, which in turn embody the AONB.
As the tide became higher, switching to sand eel at distance was a crucial decision to target and take a few dog fish.
Its main food source, the sand eel, decreased in numbers due to its dislike of our increasingly warm waters and because of over-fishing.
Fishermen in the prefecture incurred large damages after radioactive substances exceeding the legal limits under the Food Sanitary Law were detected in launce, or sand eel, caught in waters off the prefecture.
He added: "The sand eel quota may be fixed on an entirely theoretical basis and that the sprat and Norway spout quotas are also subject to great future uncertainty, although the Norway spout quota this year looks sensible, which may improve the raw material supply to the factory.
Finding a fat, calorie-packed sand eel at the right time, in the right place, is becoming harder.
Species with short lifecycles (anchovies, sand eel, Norway pout, sprat): Management schemes put in place during the year will be applied again.
The club provided the rods and bait which included mackerel, squid, sand eel and ragworm.
Try sand eel if you can get hold of any or black lugworm which is a good firm bait.
Overfishing has decimated the mackerel and herring stocks all around our islands, and now because they are hard to find we are now destroying the sand eel population.
We have therefore made sure that the plant is operational before the sand eel season.
Mark, 31, a welder from Castle Street, Barry, said: 'I caught it on a sand eel and I had a little fight with him.