sand dune

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a ridge of sand created by the wind


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Sand rail and giant dune buggy tours both take off daily from Sand Dunes Frontier or Sandland Adventures.
The 16-year-old girl injured her spine while jumping in the sand dunes at Aberavon Beach on Monday evening.
More than 800 women benefited from it, taking part in farming, tending nurseries, tree planting, sand dune fixing and animal husbandry.
The driver did not see the sand dune in time and could not avoid driving into it.
By Zahra Al-Khathmi KUWAIT, Sept 4 (KUNA) -- A number of wild plants act as perfect wind-blown sand-breakers, playing a vital role in stabilizing sand dunes, said Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research here Wednesday.
Nathan was walking with his family along the sand dunes in Michigan City when he stopped near a rotten tree, which perhaps caused the sinkhole, WRTV-TV, Indianapolis, reported.
A RELIEVED dad has told how four men pulled his son to safety after he got trapped in a sand dune.
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has revealed that movement in sand dune fields on the Red Planet occurs on a surprisingly large scale, about the same as in dune fields on Earth.
BULLDOZERS have moved on to Kenfig National Nature Reserve in an effort to remodel its sand dune systems.
ONE of Wales' most important sand dune habitats is set to be restored to its former glory, in an attempt to save rare plants and insects threatened with extinction.
of Western Ontario, Canada) offers an introduction to the formation, dynamics, and perpetuation of coastal sand dune systems.
Previous research indicated that the success of sand dune stabilisation led to the replacement of the barren shifting sand dune by a complex functioning desert ecosystem.
The 2008 recipient was "Population dynamics of a threatened sand dune lizard," The Southwestern Naturalist 51(4): 514-523, by C.
99) comes from a San Francisco historian and tour guide who has gathered vintage Richmond District photos from its early sand dune days to its modern non-rural family housing; and Walter Vielbaum, et.