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Synonyms for sanction

Synonyms for sanction

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

an act of confirming officially

a coercive measure intended to ensure compliance or conformity

to accept officially

Synonyms for sanction

a mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards

Related Words

official permission or approval

give authority or permission to

give religious sanction to, such as through on oath

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This made sanctionable, for example, transactions with Iran by global oil services firms and the sale to Iran of energy industry gear such as drills, pumps, vacuums, oil rigs, and the like.
If a Rule 137 motion does not allege the sanctionable conduct with specificity or fails to identify the fees and costs associated with the alleged violation, a respondent should consider demanding a bill of particulars to obtain that disclosure.
While reporting 0s is not sanctionable, the failure to complete the pro bono section of the form is a disciplinary violation.
T]he plaintiff's refusal, on the basis of a validly exercised right to a trial de novo, to abide by the arbitrator's non-binding decision that the plaintiff should pay $400 more than its original offer does not fall within the parameters of sanctionable behavior," the court concluded.
Even though the judge confirmed we had acted ethically and there was nothing sanctionable or actionable and that we acted in the best interest of our client, we felt in an abundance of caution to let Miss Baldridge find another attorney so there would be no question at all, ever,'' Wallin said.
35 "are sanctionable ONLY as set forth in [proposed] Section 10.
But when the US issued its list of potentially sanctionable EU products in December - justified by the EU's alleged failure to adapt its banana import rules sufficiently - it was through the dormant Section 301 mechanisms.
If nothing else, this should move you to the polls next year: To make sure that well into the next century voices on the courts argue eloquently that discrimination is not legally sanctionable, that government's authority is not absolute, and that business often needs vigilant restraint, you need to elect politicians who believe the same.
Occupational safety and health was a major concern of organized labor in last year's legislative debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement and the successful fight by organized labor several years ago to include labor standards such as health and safety among the sanctionable trade violations by nation's doing business with the United States.
Oregon, unlike the common law, provides no assurance that those whose conduct is sanctionable by punitive damages are not subject to punitive damages of arbitrary amounts," he wrote.
Although Ibanez later agreed that she was subject to the board's jurisdiction, Ginsburg noted that, "in any event, what she "believes" regarding the reach of the board's authority is not sanctionable.
Only failures to enforce child-labor, workplace-health-and-safety, and minimum-wage laws are sanctionable under the labor side deal; failures to protect the rights to strike and bargain collectively are not covered.
law also states that any entity that files publicly with the SEC must disclose whether it or its affiliates are engaged in sanctionable Iran business.
The association's brief does not take a position on whether Reese's conduct was sanctionable but questions whether the process properly protects judges' due process rights.