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Synonyms for sanctimony

a show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess

Synonyms for sanctimony

the quality of being hypocritically devout

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Not only were prudishness and sanctimony vital to the Progressive Era project of cracking down on the chimera of "white slavery," but that misguided strategy to dampen demand helped give rise to the modern FBI and a host of illiberal laws, which were deployed like clubs against disfavored populations.
If you prefer deception, dishonesty and justifying any action if it aids the pursuit of victory, then I apologise for the sanctimony.
It was an effort to meet the minimum standards for a celebrity confession while avoiding legal liabilities, and leaving Armstrong's weapons-grade sanctimony intact.
Charitable acts are all well and good, but too often they merely patch up problems rather than solve them, and can all too often be motivated by self-serving sanctimony.
I wish more of us would do the same, rather then alienating them with strident sanctimony and contempt.
In his Foreword, famed Conservative author and social commentator George Gilder says: "This learned and inspirational book rescues philosophy from the mathematicians, sex from the hedonists, religion from empty sanctimony, and science from barren materialism.
Sanctimony does more harm to people than sanctity has done good.
The pervasiveness of the new Colbert brand, and his seeming enchantment of a young audience that is totally done with supercilious talking heads, hypocrites, and Hollywood sanctimony, has politicians lining up to be the targets of his sweet vituperations nearly every night.
attitude toward Pakistan: sanctimony, forgetfulness and ingratitude.
See "Corralling Saddleback Sanctimony," January 2010 Church & State.
The promotion of democracy in Europe's east became little more than charity work with a pinch of evangelicalism and sanctimony thrown in for good measure.
Using the tools of sanctimony and self-righteousness, they risk the healthcare of teens, the poor and the undocumented to maintain their own status and influence.
Whispers of spiritual sanctimony, hints of social unrest and emotional dissatisfaction float at the edges of the story, while depictions of the assorted JAMES FRY Non-fiction EXORCISING HITLER: THE OCCUPATION AND DENAZIFICATION OF GERMANY by Frederick Taylor (Bloomsbury) pounds 25 GERMANY'S passage out of the darkness of its recent history has been a remarkable one, albeit at times deeply divisive and traumatic.
verse collection, Alexie punctures all sanctimony and cliche, even as he