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Synonyms for sanctimoniousness

a show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess

Synonyms for sanctimoniousness

the quality of being hypocritically devout


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There's a fine line between conviction and radicalism, between moralism and sanctimoniousness, between thoughtfulness and ineffectualness, between resolve and stubbornness.
It would be a shame, while on the subject of a clash of cultures with the bench, not to mention the paradigm of judicial sanctimoniousness, Marcus Einfeld.
Given that Fields was fond of showcasing his antiheroic screen comedy in a world of small town, mealy-mouthed sanctimoniousness reflects his undoubted influence by what literature terms "the revolt from the village.
But few can connect the wild Galilean peasant who said he was God with the toe-curling sanctimoniousness and the murderous sectarianism of his modern disciples.
At a time when liberals hold next to no sway in any leading institution of national government, when the prime liberal institution of the last century--organized labor--wobbles helplessly, when most national media tilt so far to the right as to parody themselves, the guardians of purity rise to a high pitch of sanctimoniousness aimed at .
Here, the visual language of Pop is resuscitated to reflect that movement's canny reflections on the hypocrisy, sanctimoniousness, and bigotry that attend our cultural moment.
The story involves Wilkinson's James, who thinks he has a perfect life with his wife, Anne (Emily Watson), but his sanctimoniousness - ``you want to punch him in the mouth,'' notes Fellowes - can't compete with a sexy new neighbor, Bill (Rupert Everett).
This is palpably a cowed and colonized community and it seems to be the object of narrative frustration as much as Peter's sanctimoniousness and naivety.
Politicoes, especially those who "if they had a thought/couldn't get it out/with a corkscrew" (Abhorrences, 39), come in for entertaining abrasive abuse, but so does the "mumbling horde" (Yellow Lola, 63) with its readiness to conform and its hypocritical sanctimoniousness.
For Dorothy, however, this focus on the donor is problematic, tending to result in pride and sanctimoniousness.
Perhaps feeling outdone in sanctimoniousness by its west-coast counterpart, the sanctimony-champion New York Times made a bid to recover its crown by digging up--out of a book proposal, forsooth--the most hilarious of the allegations against the California muscle-man: that he had allegedly expressed an admiration for the late German dictator who, like Schwarzenegger himself, was born in Austria and went on to achieve political success in a foreign country.
By placing the individual at the center, freedom also creates fertile ground for the growth of age-old vices, particularly narcissism, vanity, and sanctimoniousness At every turn, the spread of freedom emboldens the liberal spirit's inclination to expose and overthrow the claims of arbitrary authority.
But this is a "flattened" image, Poole writes; in reality, the puritan's sanctimoniousness coexisted as a counterpart or hypocritical cover in hostile representations that painted him as actually lusty, drunken, gluttonous, grotesque, and generally transgressive -- not the "killjoy" Malvolio but Bartholomew Fair's Zeal-of the-Land Busy (12).
She used the figure of Saint Boy to deride what she saw as his sanctimoniousness and family values.
Talking to Chetwynd, you get the impression his turn rightward was, in part, a reaction to the oppressive sanctimoniousness he sees on the left.