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large ornamental tropical American tree with bipinnate leaves and globose clusters of flowers with crimson stamens and seed pods that are eaten by cattle

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will assist us in promoting our ELT service in North Carolina," said Samaan.
The results of the study are significant in the context of opioid abuse in the country, considering that Canada is the "second largest consumer of opioids in the world," Samaan noted.
Monika Samaan was just seven years old when she suffered salmonella poisoning following a family meal at a branch of KFC in Sydney in 2005.
In 2005, Monika Samaan, then aged seven, her parents and her brother were hospitalised with salmonella poisoning after eating a "Twister" chicken wrap at a KFC restaurant near Sydney.
Alfred Samaan Hana al-Maqdessi was born in Iraq in 1928.
However, Tarshish's municipal council representative Gaby Samaan said this week that "Hizbullah has informed us that it has turned its attention away expanding the network" in Tarshish.
The Bahraini delegation also participated in a Bahrain Trade and Investment Seminar, where Shaikh Mohammed, Bahrain Ambassador Alice Samaan and Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman Dr Essam Fakhro shared insights into a political and macro-economic overview of the kingdom.
SALFEET, February 6, 2011 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces Sunday bulldozed large areas of historical lands of Deir Samaan in Kufr al-Dik village, Salfeet, north of the West Bank.
From 20- somethings to septuagenarians, as they walked into Siri Fort Auditorium for Asha Bhosle's ' Rahul & I' concert, presented by M AIL T ODAY and the Amrapali Group, they were all raring to relive their fond childhood and teen memories of swaying to Dum Maro Dum , dancing to Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja and dropping tears over Mera Kuch Samaan .
Camelia Sehata, wife of the priest of Deir Mawas church in Upper Egypt, Tadeos Samaan, and it is as if the same scenario is repeating itself unchanged, save for the ending scene.
Samaan, State space formulation for magnetohydrodynamics free convection flow with two relaxation times, App.
Sarah Samaan aims to help women combat cardiovascular diseases which claim hundreds of thousands of lives in American women each year, with tips on diet, exercise, and other factors, such as age and relationships.
Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi Investment Company has hired Samir Assaad Samaan as the new head of 
 private equity arm.
The company said that it has hired Samir Assaad Samaan to lead an initiative for buy-out deals in the Middle East and North Africa.
Leading the push will be who an ADIC press release an "experienced deal maker in the region," Samir Assaad Samaan, who joins ADIC from NBK Capital in Dubai, where he headed the firm's private equity operations.