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Synonyms for salvage

Synonyms for salvage

extrication from danger or confinement

to extricate from an undesirable state

Synonyms for salvage

property or goods saved from damage or destruction

the act of saving goods or property that were in danger of damage or destruction

the act of rescuing a ship or its crew or its cargo from a shipwreck or a fire

save from ruin, destruction, or harm

Related Words

collect discarded or refused material

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The dissent also disagreed with the majority's holding that salvage law was preferred over the law of finds, especially when dealing with ancient shipwrecks, arguing that nearly every circuit applies the law of finds to wrecks of ancient heritage.
In my own practice, I was initially very reluctant to embark on salvage cryosurgery because of the risk of significant complications.
Insurers need a strategic and comprehensive commercial salvage program to compete in today's world.
Results: the salvage was marketed to a global base of metals buyers resulting in 462 bidders viewing the lot and 27 buyers submitting bids.
once dredging is complete so that the vessel to carry out the salvage operations can sail in.
15) This salvage award was one of the largest ever awarded by the Fifth Circuit.
During Operation SALVEX, the divers will also hone their salvage skills on a 'Mud Monster', a pontoon specially built and sunk to practice salvage and diving exercises.
Looking at prostate cancer--specific survival in the subgroups, the investigators found 86% of men given salvage radiotherapy alone and 82% of those treated with radiation plus hormone therapy had not died of prostate cancer 10 years after diagnosis.
According to the DEM, 73 auto salvage yards are in the state.
Since a large portion of the structure--the attached shed roofs on the west and north of the main barn structure--were considered to have little to no salvage potential and a track hoe was incorporated into deconstruction at later stages, the shed roofs were collapsed.
Forest Service's rationale for its plan to salvage and reforest thousands of acres burned by the Biscuit fire.
For example, it proposes to establish a special fund for communities affected by natural disturbances with 5 percent of excess receipts from certain salvage timber sales.
The way insurers used to handle salvage claims didn't allow them to maximize return.
And that is where the Navy's salvage and diving teams would play a significant role, said Navy Capt.
The reality of patients who need salvage or rescue therapy has been apparent from the very early days of HIV therapy.