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Synonyms for saltwort

bushy plant of Old World salt marshes and sea beaches having prickly leaves

low-growing strong-smelling coastal shrub of warm parts of the New World having unisexual flowers in conelike spikes and thick succulent leaves

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The central part of Laguna Cuyutlan consists of very shallow waters (mostly less than 30 cm deep) dotted with low islets covered by saltwort and pickleweed and bare patches, but some with scattered small mangrove shrubs as well.
Scatter tomatoes, radishes, mustard greens, saltwort and fennel fronds around and pour in chilled soup.
Other endangered plants include the once-common corn spurrey, basil thyme, prickly saltwort and tubular water dropwort.
At the lowest elevations there was a distinct zone dominated by maritime saltwort, B.
The flora consists of only a few species, mainly chenopods, such as saltwort (Salsola), seablite and purslane (Suaeda, Halimione), and glasswort (Salicornia [=Arthrocnemum]).
It was the gurgling of a million tiny rivers, the leading edge of an advancing sheet of tidewater, parting, rejoining, permeating the matted swards of saltwort and sea purslane, flushing out the fiddler crab holes.
For example, digital video images show bright-pink to red shades in the lower zone of brackish marshes, where maritime saltwort prevails and the mineral salt concentration is less than seawater's 35 parts per thousand.
High-marsh soils commonly become hypersaline, in which case saltwort, Batis maritima, saltgrass, Distichlis spicata, and glasswort, Salicornia virginica, are present in the understory or as monospecific stands.
A higher, mid-marsh zone is dominated by maritime saltwort (Batis maritima), salt-flat grass (Monanthochloe littoralis), sea ox-eye daisy (Borrichia frutescens), annual glasswort (Salicornia bigelovii), and perennial glasswort (S.
For the tuile: 2 ounces water 2 ounces sugar 1 ounces mustard seeds 1 teaspoon honey For the bass: 1 teaspoon verjus 1 teaspoon cider vinegar Juice of 1 lime 8 ounce fillet wild striped bass, skin removed and thinly sliced For the garnish: Mustard oil Fleur de sel Lime zest Micro amaranth Micro saltwort
Once buried, this rotting weed provides edge-of-tide plants, such as prickly saltwort and the dune-building marram grass, with a rich compost that gardeners also value as fertiliser.
Certain plants have adapted to life in highly saline conditions and some such as the saltwort (Salsola kali), sea sandworts (Honckenya peploides) and sea purslane (Halimione portulacoides) have fleshy, succulent leaves.