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a cross resembling the letter x, with diagonal bars of equal length

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About a third of the share issue of Saltire is already pledged to accept the offer, which would see Saltire renamed Compart and delisted.
SketchRight is a 'smart' drawing package, with the same kind of intelligence found in $30,000 workstation-based, parametric CAD software -- at a fraction of the price," said Glenn Smith, president of Saltire Software.
Yes Scotland spoke out after a spectator was ejected from the swimming in Glasgow for holding up a Saltire with the word Yes on it.
Scottish Tories yesterday launched a new logo - the Union Saltire.
WHITEHALL mandarins were yesterday forced to back down over plans to take down the Saltire from the roof of the Gleneagles Hotel during next week's G8 summit.
SketchRight is unique," says Glenn Smith, President of Saltire Software, "in that its parametric 'geometry engine' provides instant visual feedback on whether the layout 'closes' or not, eliminating costly return visits to the jobsite.
The 35-year-old athlete, who collected his saltire from Sir Chris Hoy yesterday, said: "It is a huge honour.
5 percent), LASMO North Sea PLC (20 percent) and Union Texas Petroleum Limited (20 percent) to develop three fields - Piper, Saltire and Chanter.
TO celebrate the release of Mel TO celebrate the release of Mel Gibson's Academy Award(r)-winning epic Braveheart on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, we have teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to give every reader a free Saltire flag.
He was a minister in the administration that initiated the St Andrew's celebrations which used thousands of Saltire flags.
Employees at Saltire Sports in Jedburgh worked round the clock to ensure the order was completed in time.
The 1993 budget includes $46 million for the completion of the Piper and Saltire oil development projects in the U.
Then a job with Saltire - one of Scotland's top gas maintenance and heating companies - is sure to ward off the winter blues.
SCORES of fire stations are to ditch the Union flag and replace it with the Saltire.
In the North Sea, development projects are under way at the Piper, Saltire and Chanter oil fields.