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a cross resembling the letter x, with diagonal bars of equal length

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PC Audrey Paul, PSYV and special constables coordinator, who oversees both departments in Renfrewshire, said: "The Saltire Awards are the Scottish Government's national youth volunteer awards.
Mike Loggie established Saltire Energy, a leading supplier of drilling tools to the offshore oil and gas industry, in 1986 and has since grown it into a group of three highly successful subsidiaries.
Contract Notice: Saltire, the Scottish Government~s intranet, is being redesigned to ensure it meets the needs of users and the ambition of the SG to create a task-focused digital workplace that helps staff work more effectively, connect and collaborate.
The Saltire Book of the Year has been awarded to a study of Scottish urbanisation by historians Bob Harris and Charles McKean of Dundee University, titled The Scottish Town in the Age of Enlightenment 1740-1820, literary news company The Bookseller revealed on Wednesday.
In one incident, Union flag-waving lout Mark McGill, of Ballieston, Glasgow, is seen ripping a Saltire from the hands of a young woman after she was knocked to the ground.
Against this backdrop, we are launching the 2014 Saltire Literary Awards, a celebration of the literary achievements of contemporary Scottish writers.
THE SNP government was blasted last night for blowing pounds 23,000 on Chinese-made Saltire flags for St Andrew's Day.
The company, which has factories in Gateshead, Bolton and Hull, has won a pounds 500,000 deal to supply equipment to Scottish business Saltire Facilities Management.
For almost 400 years, since the Union of the Crowns in 1603, the Saltire has been incorporated in the Union Flag.
But the Saltire was no sooner up than the children were ordered to take it down.
A petition from a member of the public claimed the saltire is being devalued by the different colours of blue used in the background.
They have come up with the "Scot cross bun" - a tasty glazed cinnamon treat with a Saltire cross as opposed to the normal shaped cross.
Author James Kelman has received the GBP5,000 Scottish book of the year award from the Saltire Society for his book Kieron Smith, Boy.
The managers of loss-making Saltire, which owns Maplin, a catalogue and mail order distributor of electronic and computer products, with outlets in Birmingham and Merry Hill, have made an offer of 8p a share - valuing the company at pounds 25.