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Synonyms for saltiness

language or humor that is down-to-earth


the taste experience when common salt is taken into the mouth

the property of containing salt (as a compound or in solution)

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Irrigation water, similar in saltiness to that in the almond test, reduced plum tree growth by 40 percent after 5 years.
Results showed that ham aroma was able to enhance saltiness in a homogeneous product, compared to the control that contained only salt.
The dish was fabulous and made even more so by that sublime saltiness, which acted as the only 'seasoning' needed.
WASHINGTON, June 10, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA's 'Age of Aquarius' dawned Friday with the launch of an international satellite carrying the agency-built Aquarius instrument that will measure the saltiness of Earth's oceans to advance our understanding of the global water cycle and improve climate forecasts.
This hometown show, in the grown-up surroundings of the Philharmonic Hall, gave both the band and their fans a chance to revel in not only a catalogue brim full of hits, but also a new album, Butterfly House, which sees the five-piece drift seamlessly into a lush, contemplative haze of West Coast harmonies far removed from the exuberant saltiness of their teenage past.
The soup (chilled down) is then poured in around, add a few small cut chunks of feta cheese to give a contrast of texture and adds a slight saltiness to the dish and then finish with a some chopped fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of good quality olive oil.
The guide gives scores for flavour, saltiness, sweetness and umami.
The nose is deep and we're talking Marianas Trench deep here, tarry black fruit mingling with sweet saltiness.
The person buying this would expect a smoky whisky with the aroma of the sea and saltiness coming through it," he said.
Lewis swam a kilometre in the seas off the Antarctic, where the sea's saltiness allows water to go below 0oC without freezing.
He proposed that pigeons memorize patterns of odors in the wind--a pine-forest tang here, a seashore saltiness there.
There is a creaminess, and I'm salt-sensitive, so the saltiness is very important.
It's spicy and hot, tangy, sweet and sharp, while having depth and saltiness too.
Enjoy with a glass of chilled Amontillado sherry to highlight the sage, compliment the vinegar and cut through the saltiness of the cured pork.
But the saltiness of the Italian bacon and the depth of the cheese flavour overpowered the asparagus.