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Klinzing, Minimum Conveying Velocity in Horizontal Pneumatic Transport and the Pickup and Saltation Mechanisms of Solid Particles, Bulk Solids Handling, 14(3), 541-550 (1994)
Since saltation and communition severely limit the amount of time individual sand grains can exist for, new grains must be created on the Martian surface for its numerous dunes and ripples to exist.
A comprehensive numerical model of steady state saltation (COMSALT).
Air velocities below the saltation velocity will create instabilities in the conveying system, the worst being the inability to convey material from pickup point to receiver.
Doubling the hypothetical velocity of information flowing through a system can cause a phase shift, and a saltation in a civilization.
One can find that the polarization fluctuation is strong when the spectrum power-law exponent [alpha] < 11/3, and DP(x, z) has a saltation and reaches the minimum value at a = 11/3, and it increases slowly when [alpha] > 11/3.
Some grains in the "dry" surge deposits show impact structures, which supports transport in the tractional or saltation zone of a turbulent medium.
Il s'agit entre autres de l'amenagement de la saltation climatique, la creation d'un village touristique, outre un espace pour les amateurs du vol libre [beaucoup moins que]deltaplane[beaucoup plus grand que].
An analytic expression for wind-velocity profile within the saltation layer.
The influence of raindrop induced saltation on particle size distributions in sediment discharged by rain-impacted flow on planar surfaces.
We experienced such a maragi period toward the end of our stay in 2005, with gusts estimated at >40 knots, and observed active saltation of sand grains up the dune front.
The probability curves for the samples of Mamu Formation and Ajali Sandstone show that the sandstone units of Mamu Formation were deposited by suspension and saltation (Fig.
Obviously these human characteristics could not have all originated by a big saltation when Homo sapiens was born.
The movement of eroded solid components in rivers runs by traction or rolling (mostly gravel, > 2 mm), saltation (mostly sand, 2-0.
Particles are transported by saltation and suspension, causing soil erosion from one place and deposition in another.