salt plain

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a flat expanse of salt left by the evaporation of a body of salt water


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Nestled between the peaks of the Andes Mountains in the South American countries of Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia are vast expanses of desolate salt plains called salars.
SPEED KING Oz Coatswith astride his DIY machine on the salt plains of Utah
The natural reserve will stretch for 8km and will encompass the top of the Hajar mountains, down through the forests, to the salt plains with mangrove trees, and down to the shore, said Abdullah Saif Al Yamahi, chairman of the Kalba Municipal Council.
is pleased to announce that construction on the Great Salt Plains Pipeline commenced in early March and is scheduled for completion in July.
However, proof of this natural process can be seen at the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, just 40 miles north and east of Mooreland and the ponds we hunted.
Because mobility of chicks limit effectiveness of mark-recapture techniques to islands or other similarly restricted habitat, this sampling method is unrealistic for colonies located on open flats such as Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge (Koenen et al.
The video opens with a slow tracking shot moving from left to right about eighteen inches above the stark, flat salt plains, a landscape of white crystals extending to the horizon, appearing not unlike an arctic ice field.
So the crew wouldn't be filming on locations already used, they've been using areas of southern California and the salt plains of Utah.
Brown insists he can hardly wait to tackle massive salt plains and deep sand dunes to help raise cash for the Leukaemia Centre Project at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
The final scenes in Utah, when Burt hurtles across the salt plains into the records books, leave a large lump in the throat.
A team from Coventry is heading to the salt plains of Tunisia to break the world land speed record for an electric car.
The scenery - from deep gorges and tabletop mountains to awesome salt plains - forms a fantastic backdrop to his futuristic films.
JP Energy Development also owns and operates the Great Salt Plains Pipeline.
SPEED FREAK Oz Coatsworth on the salt plains of Utah astride his DIY machine
Niska owns and operates three facilities, including the AECO Hub[TM] in Alberta, Canada; Wild Goose in Northern California; and Salt Plains in Oklahoma.