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Due to freezing conditions, the groundsman cannot water the track as per normal, and, until rain washes the salt away, railers rule.
Apparently, Mr Mobutu has managed to salt away US$50m beyond the reach of the sequestrators, and he's willing to give our reporter no less than 20pc of those funds for his help.
With these friendly society children's savings accounts, you salt away a modest, regular monthly sum for a minimum of 10 years.
Reader John Nairn from Paisley raised an interesting point when he wrote: "Tell me Joe, how much did Kinane salt away for his armchair ride on Montjeu last Saturday?
After that they are replaced by ISA - Individual Savings Accounts - with less generous limits on how much you can salt away from the taxman each financial year.
Determining how much to salt away can be staggering, considering what's ahead.
Highway teams will be salting road surfaces but there is a danger that rainfall could wash the salt away before freezing again.
Angela Eagle, Labour MP for Wallasey, asked Mr Smee why the AIFA had not condemned the firm for trying to 'restructure to avoid its liabilities but salt away its assets'.
Mariners' manager Lennie Lawrence must be thanking his lucky stars his team managed to salt away four victories in their first six league starts because their current form has that overpowering odour of relegation all over it.
JUST how much dosh did the bookies salt away in yesterday's Tripleprint Gold Cup?
Investors are busy grabbing their last chance of the 1997-98 tax year to salt away money tax-free in shares held through PEPs.
The smallest sum you can salt away for tax-free returns at the moment is through a friendly society, like Liverpool & Victoria, Homeowners and Family Assurance.
It's far more sensible to salt away a monthly sub in your chosen ISA - cash or shares - out of your pay packet.