sally forth

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Synonyms for sally forth

set out in a sudden, energetic or violent manner

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American armored convoys sally forth into the city's traffic, with frightened young soldiers who, in practice if not intention, shoot first if you get too close, and find out who you were later.
The law is a mystery no more, and budding barristers sally forth in the short, sharp sentences of Hemingway.
The collaborative effort of author Trisha Adelena Howell and illustrator Paul Lopez, The Adventures Of Melon And Turnip is a children's book about two unusual vegetative friends who sally forth from their garden and meet an amazing assortment of creatures and situations.
government be prepared for the military routines of territorial Empire--permanent garrisons from which troops would sally forth to crush risings and riots, American lives dribbling away through raids on isolated garrisons and patrols, punitive raids into rebellious areas, destroying villages, relocating populations into secure environments?
WASHINGTON -- When Romeos sally forth to spear a box of candy for their sweetie on Valentine's Day, they'll find they can spend up to a whopping $72 for a box of chocolates that "Consumer Reports" ranks as "excellent.
High profile auction items were donated by a diverse selection of luminaries, including Camryn Manheim, Jane Goodall, Pete Seeger, Tom Lehrer, Dolores Huerta and the cartoon artists of For Better or For Worse, Rhymes with Orange, Sally Forth, and Rose is Rose.
Sally Forth Warren Peace Helen Highwater Noah Vale Sybil Wrights Pete Moss Jerry Atricks Anna Syn Cora Seedin
A new device made from the semiconductor gallium arsenide, however, forces photons to sally forth one by one.
By that time, our ambition to conquer the world will probably have waned somewhat, but we can still sally forth, armed with shovel and spading fork, in a valiant attempt to subjugate a patch of bare ground in the back yard.
The works recommended by my respondents covered the gamut of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, spirituality, photo books, movies, plays, newsletters, songs, and even comic strips like For Better or For Worse, Baby Blues, Sally Forth, Crankshaft, Funky Winkerbean, and Rose Is Rose.
They claimed it was unconstitutional and discriminatory to forbid their bare breasts on board while men were allowed to sally forth shirtless.
The door that imprisons us within the old conventions is rotten; it's time to push the door out and to sally forth into the new realities.
On the charts, the security continues to sally forth, reclaiming support at its 10-day and 20-day moving averages, while enjoying the support of its 10-week moving average since July.
It gave him a stronghold allowing him to sally forth to Westminster and take on the Tories.
As for those who choose to sally forth in, shall we say, intriguing attire, they should be prepared to be tapped on the shoulder by a store clerk who asks them to put on more clothes.