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Synonyms for salivation

saliva running from the mouth

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the secretion of saliva

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Similarly, phloem salivation and ingestion events were significantly longer for insects recorded on aldicarb-treated plants.
Staff described people suffering from convulsions, extreme salivation, contracted pupils and sight and respiratory problems.
Providing many color photos throughout, they explain taking a history, clinical examination, investigations, and imaging, then ulceration, blisters, white patches, erythema, swelling, pigmentation, orofacial pain, dry mouth, excess salivation, coated tongue, halitosis, and altered taste.
Heavy panting Excessive salivation Inability to get up if they lie down Very red gums Vomiting Rapid pulse WHAT TO DO Cool the animal down gradually by pouring cool (NOT cold) water on it Use any shaded area Allow the animal to drink small amounts of water Once you feel the dog is comfortable, ring the vet Always have water in your car
Other effects of excess acetylcholine include vomiting, respiratory failure, sweating, and salivation.
Takasago's technologies include Intensates flavors that provide cooling and warming sensations; Transatak malodor suppression flavors for fresher breath; Mintact synthetic mint flavors for stability and reliability; and Sensingle flavors for enhanced oral salivation.
The unions said it was ready to respond to the government's call for dialogue and urged all involved to rise to the occasion and cooperate for the airline's salivation.
Other behavioural signs, such as decreased activity or salivation, may not be as easily recognised by owners as signs of fear, and may be under-reported.
BDR1 Angry, biting tendency, excessive salivation, gradually became drowsy BDR2 Angry, salivation, drooping of tongue, inability to drink or eat BDR3 Angry, salivation, frequent micturition, inability to drink or BDR4 Angry, inability to eat and drink, biting tendency BDR5 Angry, salivation, inability to eat and drink BDR6 Angry, salivation, trying to attack BDR7 Angry, salivation, trying to attack GenBank Sample accession no.
It called on all powers to abide by the constitution, Taif accord, and authority of the state, as well as the need for the establishment of a national salivation government in light of the current local and regional tensions.
Elle se caracterise par l'apparition de lesions qui entraEnent une salivation intense et filante (signe caracteristique de la maladie), des troubles de la mastication, des boiteries et des chutes de production laitiere.
The main symptoms are fever, depression, head pressing, wet mouth from increased salivation, problems with eating, possible facial paralysis and circling to one side is often evident before the animal becomes recumbent prior to death.
Salivation might merely be the consequence of this.
Excessive salivation and a metallic taste in the mouth are also common.
Even more alarming, clashing color schemes might adversely affect salivation.