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  • verb

Synonyms for salivate

to let saliva run from the mouth

Synonyms for salivate

be envious, desirous, eager for, or extremely happy about something


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What Em is selling--and what has resonated with his legions of fans, salivating critics, and assorted media apostles--is a narrative of worthless childhood in the post-industrial wasteland of the former Motor City.
When a second series is as eagerly awaited as this has been, there's every chance it cannot live up to our own salivating expectations.
citizens who are flying Old Glory, but in the parking lot of the mall I saw a few too many flag-festooned cars that also had bumper stickers and banners salivating over the possibility of bombing Afghanistan and pulverizing whoever gets in our way.
The tissue elasticity of intraoral structures and their continual movement as a result of talking, chewing, salivating, and swallowing can displace a stent and compromise the immobilization and protection of the skin graft.
English-Canada's critical establishment would be salivating, eagerly waiting his new book or film, ready to compare the latest literary works to those made for cinema.
The PRT was applied for approximately ten minutes before the officer of the day arrived at the scene, by which time the juvenile had become unresponsive, clammy, was gasping for breath and was salivating.
More recently, Californians have established a multi-million dollar industry harvesting abalone and delivering the tasty treat to the salivating mouths of seafood connoisseurs.
Solutions providers are finally salivating over storage management, a market expected to reach a tasty $4B+ in 2003, a big wedge of it in the Windows and NT environments.
Sponsors have been salivating at the fearless way Giove careens down 3,000-foot slopes.
This new question has been rumbling through Washington since late summer, with Democrats split between those salivating to spend and those wanting to pay down the debt.
It's like salivating when you smell something as you walk past a bakery, says Mattes.
For example, the salivating response of a dog to a meal bell depends on its brain's understanding that food will come a short time after a bell is rung.
The company's sharklike approach to acquiring every company in its line of vision is clearly evident, because shortly after the WilTel deal, industry analysts noticed LDDS salivating at the next target--IDS Communications Group.
Pavlov's experiments with salivating dogs and ringing bells proved what every camp cook who ever rang the dinner bell knows.
The specter of death repeatedly appears as a salivating wraith floating in the air, but more affecting are the simple details, like that of an abject mother whose dead son's exhausted body lies draped over her supplicating arms in a modern-day version of the Pieta.