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Synonyms for salivate

to let saliva run from the mouth

Synonyms for salivate

be envious, desirous, eager for, or extremely happy about something


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This amuse-bouche will leave readers salivating for the next Sally Solari mystery sometime very soon.
The album, patiently anticipated by salivating music journalists (including some from this very magazine) as well as Brooklyn residents both in and out of Williamsburg, is much greater than the sum of its influences.
com) was so fascinating that I literally scanned its entries for hours, salivating at the blogger's descriptions of each and every entree.
This isn't just another magazine cover," said Hunter as Beyonce posed for dozens of salivating snappers.
So one opens the box, salivating with the thought of a fat-laden morsel of sweet, chocolatey goodness, and instead finds something with the richness of a bowl of oatmeal, plus a laxative sweetener--and, one assumes counteracts the suddenly increased cortisol levels via vocalizations and limb flailing--thus effecting the purported reduction in stress level.
China's cautious flirtations with capitalism have had Western industrialists salivating over the prospect of cultivating millions of new customers.
Medical planners are salivating to get actionable information," says Foster.
Religious Right leaders are salivating at the prospect of overturning legal abortion, an action that could occur as soon as one more Supreme Court seat opens up.
You could be excused for salivating at the prospect of Great European Gardens: Atlas of Historic Plans.
OK, weOre not exactly salivating over the prospect of hot water and lemon slices for starters, but the pud I antioxidant- rich chocolate and almond milk fondue with berries I sounds a pretty nice way to beat wrinkles.
Recent zoning changes for a 75-block portion of the Greenpoint and North Williamsburg sections of Brooklyn are paving the way for residential conversion of industrial properties and have some development speculators salivating, as high-end residential development moves beyond Manhattan and many New Yorkers take a fresh look at waterfront areas that have been inaccessible to the public for most of the city's history.
Before thoughts of turkey start, you salivating, let's pay tribute to this unusual bird.
Venezuelan authorities, who had been salivating over royalties from a huge mine, charged that Mineria Las Cristinas and Placer had violated their contract by not developing the mine faster and called the transfer to Vannessa a contract violation.
Republicans have been salivating over the Georgia Senate seat up for grabs in 2004 ever since quasi-Democrat Zell Miller announced that he would not run for reelection.
What Em is selling--and what has resonated with his legions of fans, salivating critics, and assorted media apostles--is a narrative of worthless childhood in the post-industrial wasteland of the former Motor City.