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the state of being salient

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For exact identification of the foreground regions motion saliency is obtained by grouping the identified foreground regions.
Keywords: Saliency detection, active contour model, seed, global color distribution, affinity matrix, Bayesian model
However, it is an open question how adequate stimulus saliency is as an explanation for behavior.
The first is a large database of task-oriented eye tracking experiments with labels and analysis and the second is a supervised learning model of saliency which combines both bottom-up image based saliency cues and task-oriented image semantic dependent cues.
Saliency detection for image is an important preprocessing step in many areas such as computer vision, graphics, and robotics to reduce computational cost by focusing on salient regions and neglecting the nonsalient.
This was surprisingly true even in the Carter Administration, which gave greater saliency to human rights.
Thus adding more saliency to the product and the brand as well.
On the other hand," he continued, "while the saliency of bringing up a retainer fee every year can make it harder to raise the fee in a bull market, clients may still feel compelled to ask for a fee cut in a bear market
As noted by the authors, many lines of investigation have converged in recent years to frame the nature and problem of consciousness; studies of perceptual priming where the main effect is mediated nonconsciously; studies of reversible figures (for example, Necker's cube) in which the visual experience is altered without any direct and conscious effort by the percipient; studies of hallucinatory experiences, of dreams, of stimulus saliency.
With the focus on retail banking, the use of celebrities help in quick saliency, quick connection, quick differentiation and providing the efficient communication of our brand values, he said.
While the presidential campaign (of sorts) may, in the end, increase the saliency of the Trump brand and its conspicuousness, we are not at all sure if consumers will want to continue endorsing the name and associating themselves with the changing Trump brand by buying merchandise or paying fees.
Also, more detail on the global influence of the BPP, from London to Israel to India, could push the "political context" frame to help explain why the appeal of revolutionary black internationalism picked up steam globally just as it lost saliency in the United States.
Types of failure modes in these walls were observed such as the elastic local buckling of studs, screw saliency, concrete destruction, etc.
Goal number five stresses the saliency of listening carefully in general matters pertaining to school improvement.