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The supervisor met the saleswoman at a parking lot in Al Ghusais, from where he picked her up and claimed that he was taking her to a typing centre to process her papers.
They provided informed consent and then read the following instructions: "Zhang (male) is buying an item in a shopping center, and a saleswoman who provides service for Zhang is as follows .
However, the saleswoman caught the mother as the security alarms went off when the defendant walked out of the store.
Mitra negotiated 30 percent off the price anyway, arguing with the saleswoman who wouldn't set the suit aside for us.
PRESIDENT Mary McAleese has been hailed as the greatest saleswoman in the world for Donegal and the Irish language.
The saleswoman cracked up and said, "That's a tube top
Tatiana, a 20-year old saleswoman dressed in an orange-and-green jogging suit, is a member of the Tail sales task force.
Romeo Falling", another tale that sticks out in my mind, takes place on a prehistoric planet, where Miranda, an intergalactic saleswoman, has landed in her broken spaceship.
Karen, a saleswoman serving gas cylinder customers in the North East, has over 20 years' experience in the LPG industry and has worked for Calor for three years.
Although I did not get a chance to work on the site, through an insider contact (one saleswoman who was my high school classmate), I hung out at a cosmetics counter on a regular basis.
Staff members at Pacific Farms, North America's only commercial wasabi grower, understand how addictive the product can be: "Once people have tasted real wasabi, they can't go back," says saleswoman Julia Evans.
A six-year prison sentence given to Kenji Hayashi, husband of a former insurance saleswoman charged in the 1998 curry-poisoning deaths in Wakayama, became irrevocable midnight Monday as neither he nor public prosecutors filed appeals by that deadline.
The public voted to kick out the blonde former sex aids saleswoman at the third time of asking and allow Thomas to remain at the purpose-built home.
And it was on just such a day that I found myself in the clutches of an ambitious saleswoman at a ritzy cosmetics counter in the mall.
A FORMER gas saleswoman told last night of her door-to-door nightmare.