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Kaya nga isang malaking hakbang tungo sa makataong pagtrato sa mga kababaihan sa kanilang pinagtatrabahuhan ang polisiyang ito," added the senator, who has long called for 15-minute sitting breaks for salesladies in a proposed measure which she has refiled yet again this 17th Congress.
Jewish clerks and salesladies, garage workers, plasterers, elevator boys, Yeshiva students, policemen, garment workers, prize fighters, housewives; Jewish soldiers and sailors still in American uniforms, Jews from night clubs, tenements, farm lands, synagogues and even penthouses came boldly to the Irgun banner .
Among the purveyors she depicts were saleswomen dressed as nurses who went door to door for the Dilex Institute of Feminine Hygiene Company--a wonderful image that makes us think again about who really paved the way for the Avon salesladies and Mary Kay vendors of the later twentieth century.
Thus, Gordon concludes her study by considering a modern-day, carnival-like fair in Madison in which rides and games predominate, an event that is a far cry from the small affairs of the early nineteenth century that touted women's handmade wares and the "exotic" presence of public salesladies.
I wasted a lot of good money buying things the salesladies said I would need.
The recruiter told her that many of their most successful salesladies had been drawn to a career in personal selling by the same offer.
That does not make them what one referred to as "amnio salesladies," but it does place constraints on their actions, if only dramatic time constraints.
We received many persistent complaints from salesladies working in department stores and malls that they are in pain [from] walking and standing for long hours .
Secretary Bello also cited the poor working conditions of the salesladies at some malls.
It seems that each one of us has one face - weary, worn down, frozen - and under that ruined face another - full of light, mobile, the one in our memories - and, covering both of these, a latchkey mask, the one we put on to go out, move through life, approach people, a polite mask like the one salesladies assume when they slip into their uniforms.
I even ended up helping the salesladies explain the merchandise to other customers who visited the shop.
More than 1, 000 jobs will be available within this year that include marketing assistants, managers, salesladies, warehouse men, baggers, administrative positions and many others, she said.
While we can imagine that many of the less experienced workers have been absorbed to become salesladies and call center agents, it seems beyond belief that all these women have been sucked up by the professional food industry or are working abroad in the kitchens of cruise ships.
SM, meanewhile, has been 'notorious' for the hiring of thousands of underpaid contractual salesladies, according to De Jesus.
She mentioned that there are people who are obliged to wear make-up, like salesladies and receptionists, and called the vanity tax 'regressive.