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a tax based on the cost of the item purchased and collected directly from the buyer


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The city will lose at least ``a couple million dollars'' under the plan, because sales tax has historically grown much faster than property tax in Santa Clarita, officials said.
A majority believe the dollar amounts of state sales tax audit assessments have risen in the same period, adding to the companies' overall tax bill.
Cleburne voters authorized the levy of a 1/2% sales tax in August 2001 and the nonprofit corporation was established subsequent to that election to promote and provide for economic development.
Supporters of the bill want to reduce the reliance of California's 477 cities and 58 counties on revenue from sales tax, which they contend has led to an unhealthy focus on building shopping centers at the expense of homes.
The first is the "Main Street" community--those retailers who have small stores in one state and who, because they must charge sales tax on all their sales, are less competitive with the large Internet companies selling the same merchandise.
This tax is defined generally as one on the use or consumption of tangible property or services when no sales tax has been collected.
It wasn't long until a State Board of Equalization auditor happened to buy something at the deli and noticed that sales tax wasn't being collected.
Another issue is the precedent that a sales tax on plastic surgery procedures sets for the medical industry.
But use taxes are difficult and unpopular to enforce, which enables states to use lower sales tax rates to compete for businesses and consumers--something that does not sit well with the governors and legislators of high-sales-tax states.
Because if the moratorium is lifted and Publisher A in Alexandria, Virginia, is required to collect California sales tax on online orders received at his web site from customers in San Francisco, how long can it be that, as at present, orders received by mail or telephone continue to be exempt from those taxes if the publisher has no physical presence (nexus)?
Twenty-nine states including New Jersey, Oklahoma, and South Carolina have begun the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, meant to simplify sales tax issues nationwide.
To reduce the financial burdens on sellers, states will assume greater responsibility for implementing the streamlined sales tax system.
Legislation exempting Internet transactions from tax would give online merchants a permanent price advantage equal to state sales tax rates.
Since congressional Republicans haven't decided upon a unified strategy for replacing the current Internal Revenue Code, flat tax and sales tax advocates will spend the next couple of years vying for the hearts and minds of Americans who want genuine reform.
In the first lawsuit, the Empire State Building was pursued for New York State sales tax payments based on a state interpretation of a lease clause.