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promotion by means of an argument and demonstration

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If you were to read a claim like this in a newspaper today, you might brush it off as sales talk, though in this case the copy writers were absolutely right.
Continuing your sales talk could well cost you the sale you've worked so hard to get
It's not just tongue in cheek sales talk any more - it's absolutely true.
Undoubtedly that sales talk of yours is a good one.
Jones, who said the prime minister had "a bee in his bonnet about selling the Tote", recalled that Mr Brown himself had started the sales talk before the 1997 general election, when the late Robin Cook dissuaded him from making an instant decision.
However, usually a sophisticated sales talk means you are buying goods that are overpriced and not as good as those that could be supplied by a local reputable firm.
Research from Business in the Community reveals parents feel increasingly out of control on how their children are exposed to the sales talk, and stand prepared to punish companies whose approaches they consider inappropriate.
It needed no great sales talk to persuade Mrs Thatcher, 49 years old and former Minister of Education, to stand.
Or so I'm told, although it might just be sales talk.
First Research president and co-founder Bobby Martin will appear as a guest on the weekly Internet talk show Sales Talk with Russ Lombardo today, November 6; and will be a featured speaker at the Chief Sales Executive Forum, November 10 in Naples, FL.
This partnership will work in conjunction with the NAHREP-AZ Real Estate School providing free yearly admission for members to the Mike Ferry Action Workshops, Productivity School and Sales Talk events.
The man with a burning desire for success is easily spotted--for he's the man who works night after night on his sales talk, getting it polished up to the point where it completely satisfies him and sells his prospects.
There, after receiving a very high powered sales talk, Olivia was photographed using a Polaroid camera following which the people running the event said they would have no difficulty in finding her work providing she registered with them.
A CAR contract hire business is knocking male-orientated sales talk into the hard shoulder.