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a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited)

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The plaintiff argued that the sales rep was negligent by instructing the surgeon in the OR.
Lease A Sales Rep is a leader in the industry with over 13 years of Sales Outsourcing experience serving clients in multiple industry verticals with a nationwide sales force, providing inside and outside sales teams, appointment setting and lead generation services.
Known as the Ruger 4R Program, this is a retailer incentive program that rewards retail sales reps for selling Ruger firearms.
Sales organizations will experience major changes in the coming year, most of all in the way sales reps handle their day-to-day activities.
Pharmaceutical sales reps and the clinical information they deliver to physicians with specific drug efficacy details can optimize pharmacology results to patients.
At five o'clock, the prospect interrupted the sales rep and said, "I have a six o'clock appointment and have to go.
Column G uses the SUMIF function to get the total sales for each sales rep.
At Key, we are focused on providing customers with a superior experience at every step, and that applies to interactions with our sales reps as well as our direct sales team and others.
Another benefit that applies to both the sales rep and the customer is how mobile devices minimize, or even eliminate, the confusion that often accompanies complex orders.
Perhaps this explains why some drug makers no longer use the sales rep designation.
The directors say they don't have time to spend talking to the sales representative or the sales rep isn't doing anything for them.
Matt Helmbacher, ABSSD Sales Rep; Memo Gallegos, ABSSD Sales Rep; and David Berg, ABSSD Relief Sales Rep.
One of the greatest benefits of the new system, Wright says, is that it makes it easier for a sales rep in a remote office to get his or her orders in.
When a sales rep is trusted, it reports that customers' first buy of an online ad is often made on "faith alone.