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promotion by means of an argument and demonstration

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Sounds like a property adviser's sales pitch, but the reality is that business people generally fall into two categories when it comes to property.
Instead, he got a high-pressure sales pitch that convinced him to shell out almost $80 for job-related information.
The telemarketers started their sales pitch by telling consumers that their personal and financial information was widely available on the Internet.
Bless the ground you walk on,-they urge the faithful in their sales pitch.
Mary, 64, went to Irvine's Fitness Factory to find out more, and was so impressed with their sales pitch that she signed up for a three-year membership costing pounds 11.
The sales pitch was simple: lease 8,000 square feet, and you will be a part of a 100,000 SF wholesalers' campus.
On the one hand, this is the best audience your foundry can get for the "total cost" sales pitch.
Magnet enthusiasts, complete with their sales pitch, are popping up all over the place, and if you're a runner, chances are you've met them and heard the claims.
A common telemarketing trick is to pretend todo a poll or survey, only to shift into a sales pitch halfway into the interview.
Fox, Chuck Liddell and Brooke Burke for a Unique, Entertaining Online Sales Pitch to Friends and Relatives
As a featured speaker, Dee Halloran, a veteran in the industry who knows the infomercial world from deep inside, shared her knowledge about what infomercials can teach about selling, how these carefully crafted mini-sales pitches are 100% designed to make viewers want to buy, and gave insider scoop about the anatomy of a great sales pitch.
The problem is that the request "Tell me about your company" is not an invitation to launch into your sales pitch.
But the presentation turned out to be a sales pitch and Christine ended up paying pounds 2,941 for a 60-piece dinner service.
There is a significant catalog of prior research that suggests an even-minded consumer's suspicion of a sales pitch does adversely affect the response to that pitch and the sales agent behind it," DeCarlo said.
Kiosks take away that option, making someone vulnerable to a sales pitch for something they may not need, use or especially want.