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the act of reducing a salary


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In nearby districts, meanwhile, Springfield School District Superintendent Nancy Golden agreed in May to take a 5 percent salary cut for 2011-12, going from $134,580 in 2010-11 to $127,851 in 2011-12.
Summary: West Ham chairman David Sullivan says everyone at the club will be asked to take a salary cut to save the Hammers.
These 400 executive pilots from the erstwhile Indian Airlines have decided to shut down operations in protest against the salary cut imposed by the management.
Bulgaria's National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) has a 50 million leva deficit and is implementing a temporary salary cut of 30 per cent with effect from September 1 2009, NRIC chief executive Anton Ginev said.
Those making $240,000 or more would face the maximum 26 days - a salary cut of 10 percent.
Due to the shortfall in Nutcracker income, all non-unionized staff agreed to take a temporary salary cut through June.
He took a 40 percent salary cut, increased prices by 20 percent, increased staff salaries by 10 percent, and created a profit-sharing environment while reducing costs.
Ito will have his salary cut by 20% for two months.
Chief executive Rod Eddington, who suggested the move, will have his pounds 525,000 basic salary cut by pounds 78,000.
The reason CEOs are willing to take any salary cut, of course, is for the potential upside in that heavily talked about five-letter word: equity.
National Average Gas Commute Cost Effective Gas Price Price/Gallon (annually) Salary Cut (avg.
Contract law states an employee working their notice will receive their current pay, even if, like the Rangers boss, they have taken a salary cut.
Ataka propose that MPs with over 3 monthly absences will have up to 1/3 of their salary cut.
The move, came after the union opposed the Governor's decision, calling for a one-day salary cut from all government employees to raise money for next month's sports tournament, scheduled for Western Bahr el Ghazal state.