salad days

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Synonyms for salad days

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Synonyms for salad days

the best time of youth

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Produced by Margaret Warmington and featuring a cast of nearly 50 youngsters aged 10 to 18, Salad Days tells the tale of a magic piano which introduces the audience to a collection of weird and wonderful characters.
It was a case of salad days as a surge in demand for the green stuff in last year's hot summer weather helped pizzas-to-biscuits group Northern Foods boost its annual profits.
Vaill brings to life Robbins' salad days, the passionate years of apprenticeship with all manner of Manhattan theater artist; the summers at Camp Tamiment, putting on weekly shows with soon-to-be-stars like Danny Kaye; and the astonishing generosity this small, dark, comparatively untrained dancer received from headline artists and choreographers.
SCTV: Best of the Early Years "On the Waterfront Again," "Play It Again, Bob," and "The Midnight Express Special" are just some of the gems from the SCTV troupe's salad days featured on this indispensable sketch comedy collection.
Salad days are here again and thanks to Florette, bagged salad pioneers, they have never tasted more delicious.
Then, McDonald's signals that its salad days are over with the launch of a giant burger for the World Cup--a bold move given the impending release of a movie version of Eric Schlosser's 'Fast Food Nation', which premiered in Cannes.
Siegel subjects us to reminiscences about the left-liberal salad days of FDR and Fiorella LaGuardia that would shame the New York TV schmaltzmaster Joe "Memory Lane" Franklin; elsewhere he assumes that we'll give weight to the disillusionment of lower-middleclass Canarsie residents because those folks are "heirs to the socialist tradition of the Jewish needle trades.
Is it reasonable to admit that the salad days of the business are behind us?
I'm just glad my friends and I, along with countless others, got to skate it in its salad days.
We were living through the salad days of music sampling, before a legal chill descended on this warm and lustrous craft.
The salad days of that decadent decade brought about a certain self-indulgence that included the whims of an out-of-town businessman, Nicholas (Tom McCamus), who engages his first call girl, Dominique (Mia Kirshner).
For every aspect of the industry, he added, 2000 will be remembered as the salad days.
Heavily sampled is Living Blues, including "The Blues Harp (Parts One and Two)," a segment from its 1977 "Interview: Eddie Boyd," the original insights of "The Social Context of Black Swan Records," and selections from the magazine's still informative series of articles concerning African musical influences on the blues from the early seventies, gleaned from the magazine's salad days.
Although that book goes into much detail about the hows and whys of his life, it shed little light on Poitier, the inner man, choosing to dwell instead on the actor's impoverished childhood on Cat Island, his closely knit family, the tough, early salad days in New York and his subsequent breakthroughs on stage and screen.
While the rule of thumb for other businesses, product differentiation is a concept muni-bond firms didn't need in the salad days.