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the quality of resembling a saint

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Indeed, claims of being chosen by the gods or a singular God, perfectly embodying the attributes of religious piety and saintliness, and serving as the supreme religio-secular guide and intercessor for subjects were far from unique, even in specific aspects, to the Safavids, let alone the Mughals.
The superb, emotion-ridden performance by Vladimir Svirski keeps the character of Sushenya from lapsing into saintliness.
During his sermon, the sheikh tells the story of a holy child, born to an East African Christian family, whose saintliness was much prized by the great leader, Moammar Gadhafi.
In a rare moment of saintliness, I offered to take a couple of carrier bags–full to a city centre homeless refuge on my way home.
Though Quaid Azam never claimed nor thought of himself any saintliness or holiness, but as common and simple \Muslim he was fighting for the rights of Muslims of India with all sincerity which even his worst but honest opponents cannot deny , It was due to his being Muslim that he considered Muslims as separate nation and who had different interests from those of Hindus- and because of it he was holder of two nation theory What Quaid Azam thought about the lofty principles no believing Muslim can disagree with.
MOTHER Teresa may have been painted as far from saintliness by academicians Serge Larivie and Genevieve Chenard, but those who knew her dismiss the new study.
Instead of unliberated saintliness and a limply accepted suffocation, her final scene was ferocious, with legs kicking and sheets flying"--just as they would be in real life when she struggled to survive.
Characters whose saintliness and ordinariness are so tightly braided we can't turn away from them.
Some people have the same attitude toward the prophets as they do not give them deserving value and respect and do not honor their status and saintliness.
After writing the book, Sultan said that perhaps Keller's real untold story is how "her triumph over multiple disabilities and her enormous celebrity had trapped her within a constricting saintliness and an image of purity.
From Homer to contemporary writers, marathon runner and scholar Roger Robinson explores the saintliness, the sexiness, the freedom, and the engagement with life running represents in literature.
The discussion of the king's evacuated saintliness, which makes it acceptable to kill him, is one we have read before.
Paik affirms that the portrayal of Nausicaa "contrasts the saintliness of his heroine with a realist skepticism of yearnings for transcendence and uncompromising moral stances" (98).