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Synonyms for saintlike

marked by utter benignity

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In these circumstances, to expect Black Africa to bury its burning sense of injustice is to demand a saintlike capacity for forgiveness.
When his destiny changes, so does hers: She commits herself, saintlike, to a life of good deeds.
Various Latinos represent differing social classes and attitudes, but it is the tragic Fuentes family, their saintlike daughter, and their avenging, steely-eyed son Ludovico who force a further expansion of our stereotyped notions of Western settlement.
My family was always made over into caricatures or flattened into saintlike stock creatures.
In The Winter's Tale, Leontes for sixteen years shows "a saintlike sorrow"(5.
We can, for instance, Eliot's poem suggests, attempt a saintlike "burning burning burning burning" (line 308) away of our sexually polluted flesh (Gordon 14).
Plurall in manners, which in thee doe shine Saintlike, immortall, spotles and diuine.
Her mother was born with faith; she had inherited it from her saintlike mother and never thought to question it.
Peter is saintlike, destiny's plaything; the villainous Drew scarcely appears.
People thought she was saintlike, though being called that always made her say something scrappy and blunt.
Nor can it be said that Smith, whose most recent box office barnburners, "I Am Legend" and "Huncock," seemed consciously designed to set the star apart from the rest of humanity, shies away from the saintlike status conferred upon his character.