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a day commemorating a saint

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And while people working in the tourism industry might be hard pushed to take the actual saint's day off, many wouldn't mind taking a lieu day later.
Rob Marris (Lab Wolverhampton South West) called for April 23, the patron saint's day, to become a public holiday in England.
Pupils were able to celebrate their patron saint's day in style.
Whatever, April 23 (our saint's day, for those interested) simply doesn't go off with the sort of bang that patron saint days do in other parts of the UK.
There are cards available for such holidays as Saint Day (whatever Saint's Day falls on one's particular birthday) and special occasions like the 15th birthday (which is generally more important than the 16th birthday in the Hispanic community).
15) As in Deloney's text where shoemakers from a distant English past are shown creating a popular saint's day, Dekker presents the fifteenth-century shoemaker Simon Eyre as the originator of one of England's principal holiday customs, for it is Eyre who makes Shrove Tuesday the occasion for apprentices to eat, drink, and run riot.
Business interests revived and transformed an almost forgotten saint's day, for instance, and made the exchange of valentines and candy a standard part of the American festive calendar by the 1860s.
At one point, in some Spanish-speaking islands, storms were named for the saint's day when they hit.
The next time I venture into town will be St George's Day, hopefully the council will make our Patron Saint's day a day to remember as well, but I'm not holding my breath.
Despite not knowing England's saint's day, 61% of English people described themselves as English rather than British.
St Cuthbert's Day falls on March 20 but when this date is a Sunday, the Saint's Day is celebrated on the preceding Saturday.
These are the morons who dictated that our own democratically-elected Senedd couldn't declare our own patron saint's day a bank holiday, claiming it would be disruptive to businesses.
The Taoiseach was asked in a TV interview what advice he had for those keen to celebrate the patron saint's day.
Each festival, saint's day and event has its own traditions and conventions, many of them full of colour, music, special foods and rituals.