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Synonyms for sailplane

aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

fly a plane without an engine


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Many sailplanes are using electric motors to get airborne.
It is still occasionally performed with modern recreational sailplanes.
World-class hang-glider and sailplane pilot Geoff Loyns has died at the age of 56.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - With the graceful flight of hawks and eagles in mind, NASA aerospace engineer Michael Allen hand-launched a lightweight motorized model sailplane over Rogers Dry Lake, hoping it would catch plumes of rising air called thermals.
The pounds 1,000 will be used to help him build an even better sailplane that he hopes will land the pounds 25,000 jackpot purse for the first person to fly more than 100 metres in the contest.
You'll pass docile cows and cross cattle stiles; at the top, sailplanes may soar overhead and the South Bay lies before you like a relief map.
Contract notice: Provision of Two-seater sailplanes
LLANO - Forty-five gliders and sailplanes filled the sky above Llano recently on the first leg of their race to Kitty Hawk, N.
Raspet is nationally recognized for its design and development of high-performance sailplanes and full-scale turbine-powered aircraft," said Dave Felio, president and chief executive officer for Geneva.
Contract Awarded for delivery and registration of 6 sailplanes
From our own experience, we know that when manually operating light airplanes and sailplanes this theoretical model of mass distribution should also contain the masses of most important parts of the control system: control wheels, sticks, push-rods, bob-weights, etc.
Sailplanes - another term for gliders, use Mother Nature as a power source once they release from tow, said Dan Gudgel, an instructor at Skylark North.
Nadler has also been instrumental in developing an array of technologies including gaming systems, computer performance optimization applications and the leading flight computer for high-performance sailplanes.