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Synonyms for sailplane

aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

fly a plane without an engine


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Flying hang gliders and sailplanes means making every landing dead-stick, whether ending an exhilarating 15-second sled run off a training slope or coming at the end of an hours-long flight aiming for endurance and/or distance.
Italian manufacturer Alisport isn't new to aviation and actually has three divisions: sailplanes, STOL aircraft, plus propellers and accessories.
The tests, conducted within restricted airspace at Phillips Army Airfield, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, culminated with two 'powered' sailplanes sharing telemetry data and cooperatively and autonomously soaring at altitudes in excess of one kilometer and for flight durations of over five hours.
Based in Pennsylvania, the organization provides opportunities for those who are physically challenged to fly in specially adapted sailplanes, either as a passenger or as a member of the flight training program.
The new approaches include: new light aircraft pilot licences (and related medical requirements); the creation of a - first - set of harmonised rules covering licenses for sailplanes, hot air balloons, airships and powered-lift aircrafts; and the harmonisation at EU level of the medical fitness of cabin crew.
Two sailplanes collided west of Haemeenlinna, southern Finland, shortly before 4:00 pm (1300 GMT) on Sunday, organisers said in statement, adding that the rest of the competition, scheduled for Monday, was cancelled.
Since then, more than 600 midshipmen have relished taking to the sky in ultra-light sailplanes.
The Globe Corporation was then headed by his son, George, who moved the company into the manufacturing of sailplanes, target drones for the military, pleasure boats, motor scooters, other products, and real estate.
The topography of Wales in general, and the south east in particular, makes it an ideal location for anyone with a yearning to fly hang gliders, paragliders or sailplanes.
A couple of examples: I wanted to get a pilot's license to fly gliders, but the FAA had never licensed anyone to fly sailplanes with hand controls.
In summer, sailplanes were launched by pickup trucks.
After flying Cessnas and Chipmunks, doing aerobatics in sailplanes and becoming a hang glider pilot, he started paragliding in 1996 and a year later started as a trainee instructor with the military at the Joint Services Hang Gliding and Paragliding Centre.
Tran are among Oregon's small but dedicated band of radio-controlled model airplane enthusiasts, who fly everything from miniature stunt planes powered by gasoline engines to electric-powered helicopters and sailplanes powered only by the wind.