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Synonyms for sailplane

aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

fly a plane without an engine


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The analyses were performed for two configurations, corresponding to two wingspans of the sailplane.
The record-breaking hang-glider and sailplane pilot, who was born and brought up in Cardiff, was looked up to by many for his instinctive knowledge of the winds.
The sailplane records the sonic booms before the booms enter the more turbulent air that exists a few thousand feet above the ground because turbulence can greatly influence sonic boom intensity.
We have chosen airfoils appropriate for use in these conditions, namely model unpowered sailplane design.
Reaching heights of more than 30,000 feet, Fossett and co-pilot Einar Enevoldson flew a modified sailplane, equipped with full pressure suits and oxygen systems.
The man who died was flying a glider which collided with a single engined aircraft towing another sailplane near to the flying centre at Bickmarsh, close to Evesham, at around 2pm.
Add to that list the Schweitzer 2-32 Sailplane or the Sopwith Camel.
One sailplane L-23 Super Blanik (VT-GLE) with Winch Machine
T-51 (C-150) Cadet Flying Team aircraft, piper Super Cub tow plane, TG-10B basic sail plane trainer, TG-10C aerobatic sailplane trainer, TG-15 A/B advanced cross-country glider, T-41D (C-172) TACAV and flight test aircraft, UV-18B parachuting jump plane.
Henderson was an active member of the Coburg Hills Sailplane Club, which began operating at Creswell's Hobby Field last year.
51 Decosolmarine Sailplane Decosol Marine/John Danby/
The Great Western Soaring School sailplane had landed in heavy brush at the bottom of a San Gabriel Mountains canyon about seven miles south of the flight school's airfield, from which the craft had taken off Saturday afternoon.
The Geordie Flyer is a rigid sailplane with a 30ft wingspan.
The Geordie Flyer, which Ron is still fine-tuning before starting flying tests, is a rigid sailplane with a 30ft wingspan, made from polystyrene donated by his sponsor company Springvale, of Hazlerigg, Newcastle.