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and Paulvitch saw these two now running forward with drawn revolvers while the two sailors who had brought them ashore trailed at their heels.
The sailors could not hide their discontent, and the service suffered.
She is not my mistress," replied the young sailor, gravely; "she is my betrothed.
said Athos, in a low tone to D'Artagnan, after explaining to him in French what the sailor had said in English.
The two men who had pushed the strugglers with their feet were assailed with abuse by the sailors, who had become reconciled.
Round the room people were sitting at table, here half a dozen sailors uproariously drunk, there a group of soldiers; and in the middle, crowded together, couples were dancing.
It was mid-afternoon that brought the little old sailor, who had been felled by the captain a few days before, to where Clayton and his wife stood by the ship's side watching the ever diminishing outlines of the great battleship.
His Bretons surrounded him; Aramis yielded to their kind exertions, and the three sailors, lifting him up, carried him to the canoe.
A score of half-drunken sailors and wharf-rats looked up at the unaccustomed sight of a richly gowned woman in their midst.
The slight noise had awakened Jane Porter at the same time, and as she saw the hideous tableau she gave a shrill cry of alarm, and at the same instant the sailor lurched forward and fell upon Clayton.
Noa Noah was her head sailor, who had been boatswain of the Miele.
A sailor, in the main rigging, carried away a ratline in both hands, fell head-downward, and was clutched by an ankle and saved head-downward by a comrade, as the schooner cracked and shuddered, uplifted on the port side, and was flung down on her starboard side till the ocean poured level over her rail.
Would go cabin boy, cook, supercargo, or common sailor.
There's nothing to do but plump the Mary Rebecca ashore and run for it," was the verdict of the first cheerful sailor.
In the shade sat a little boy dressed in sailor clothes, who was digging a hole in the earth with a bit of wood.