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a maker of sails

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It turned out to be misconfiguration between the in-mast reefing system and the sailmaker who used too-heavy cloth.
UK Sailmakers NW will relocate their Anacortes service loft to 712 Coho Way, in the Marina Square building on Bellingham's waterfront later this month.
Long before engine-powered vessels came on the scene, the wind provided propulsion for boats and ships of all sizes, and sailmakers designed and stitched together fabrics to catch the wind.
Daniels, knowing that almost half of the five-person work force at the sailmaker would be on the medical drydock for months.
The passion of each craftsman, from the caulker to the sailmaker (Nat Wilson, who also made sails for the Mayflower replica and the USS Constitution) is contagious.
Bryson derides Shakespeare for 'he is a sailmaker of Bergamo', that being a mountain city, but hemp was grown there to make canvas, and Bergamo was a major supplier of sails for the galleys of the Venetian republic.
When he returned to the US, he appointed three men (Coker in Baltimore; James Forten, a wealthy black sailmaker, in Philadelphia; and Rev.
A banner of the weight and opacity desired, capable of withstanding the wind without being torn from its ropes, turned out to be impossible to construct until someone remembered an old-fashioned sailmaker in the second story of a loft nearby.
He is "overcome with sorrow, dropping tears on the tarred twine" as he and the sailmaker sew a burial shroud (Nigger 116).
In 1797, George Warner, a sailmaker in New York, spoke for all the "tradesmen, mechanics, and the industrious classes of society" who for too long had considered "themselves of TOO LITTLE CONSEQUENCE to the body politic.
Lam's other neighbors on Custom House Wharf were a billiard saloon, a sailmaker, four fish dealers, a truckman, and a combination tea store and meat market.
With their urban-chic styling and quirky neighbors (including a boat repair shop, a sailmaker, a bakery, and a travel agency), the lofts proved downright irresistible to a creative slice of buyers.
Take your hands out of your pocket, youngster, or I shall order the sailmaker to stitch them up.